UFC Fight Night 110 Preview

ufc-fn110These are the fights that fans love to watch and the reason why the heavyweight division is the most popular division in combat sports.

There are the fans that simply love to watch the sport and love the strategy involved both standing and on the ground.

The majority of fans, though love that massive knockout that comes out of nowhere and ends a fight without a doubt.

There is no debate left when a fighter knocks out his opponent and in the heavyweight division that is a common occurrence.

Of course, the sport continues to evolve and the heavyweight division is seeing a new type of fighter begin to take over.

These fighters have plenty of power but depend more on their boxing skill to take over and eventually put an opponent away.

They are measured and prefer to use technique rather than raw power, despite having plenty of power to end fights.

These are the fighters that are beginning to take over the division and one of them is currently on top of the division.

Despite this evolution, there are still those fighters with a different type of power that are finding their way through the heavyweight division.

These fighters are special as they have that different level of power where they can truly end a fight with one single punch.

They are the fighters that can land a single punch and simply walk away because they know that their opponent won’t be getting up.

As the UFC travels to Auckland, New Zealand they will feature a fighter that has that special type of power and he will be fighting in front of a home crowd.

There is little debate about the fact that Mark Hunt is one of, if not the hardest hitter in the heavyweight division.

There is no fighter that has had as many walk-off knockout wins than Hunt and there are not many that can stand in front of him and take his big right hand.

That is what he does as Hunt is a knockout artist with good, although not great, skills everywhere else.

He has the boxing skills to put together combinations and is usually good enough to prevent decent wrestlers from taking him down.mma-sidebar.fw

Although he has those skills he is always entering a fight looking for that massive right hand to land and end the fight early.

His ability to take those wins with that one punch has made him one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC and one of the top-ranked heavyweights in the division.

He hasn’t been the most consistent fighter as of late but often that is because he is looking for that one punch and those fighters that can do a lot more can win fights in different ways.

In his last six fights, Hunt has won twice, lost three times and has been given a no contest against Brock Lesnar who won the fight but failed a drug test.

Despite that, he still has that scary ability to end a fight by connecting on one punch at any moment in the fight.

He will look to do that again in front of his home crowd, which he has never done while a member of the UFC, and gain some momentum to head into the title picture.

To do that he will need to take on one of the top prospects in the heavyweight division in Derrick Lewis who has been on a tear as of late.

Lewis doesn’t have that same power as Hunt but he does love to knock people out, albeit in a different way.

He would prefer to use his wrestling to take the fight to the ground and then begin devastating ground and pound to end fights.

After rattling off six straight wins including five knockouts, Lewis is stepping up in competition and looking to be a name mentioned among the next contenders.

He has the skills to do it but as with anyone fighting Hunt, he needs to be very aware of that big right hand.

It can land from anywhere at any time and before Lewis knows it, the fight is over and Hunt has his hand raised.

The heavyweights are in the building in Auckland and both have plenty of power making this a fight that shouldn’t last very long no matter who wins.


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