The Path to the Rematch

ufc-fn109The UFC has been in an interesting position through the first part of the year as a lot of unknowns have dominated the headlines.

When the year began there were a number of divisions that were entirely up in the air for any number of reasons.

There was the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions held up by the fact that Conor McGregor was the champion of both.

He wasn’t planning on defending his belt anytime soon either as his son was about to be born and he wanted a big money boxing fight against Mayweather.

Even starting in the new year the UFC continued to muddy the waters created the Women’s Featherweight division.

That division was built for Cris Cyborg but the first title fight didn’t involve her and the first champion, Germaine de Randamie, had hand surgery immediately following the fight.

The Light Heavyweight division had its own issues as well with Daniel Cormier dominating the competition but unable to face the man who never lost the belt in the octagon.

All of this has started to be cleared up though as McGregor was stripped of the Featherweight title and Max Holloway and Jose Aldo will fight on June 3 for the unified belt.

In the women’s featherweight division de Randamie is unwilling to fight Cyborg and if that is the case she is likely to be stripped while Cyborg should soon get a title fight.

In the light heavyweight division, Jones is returning this summer to fight Cormier for the belt where the true champion will finally be determined.

That fight in the light heavyweight division has led to come clarity in the division which is giving other fighters room to make their own runs at the title.

Two fighters that are happy to see the title picture clear up are the two fighters that faced off in Stockholm for the main event.

Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira are two of the top-ranked fighters in the division but both have not been at the top of mind.

With the matches between Cormier and Johnson along with the constant issues keeping Jones out of fights, both Gustafsson and Teixeira have been somewhat forgotten.

A factor in that is that neither fighter has been able to get the title despite their attempts to beat those top guys in the division.

Teixeira came into the UFC with a legend ahead of him as he was supposed to be the best striker that the UFC had ever seen.

He also brought a BJJ black belt and for some, he was the one to beat Jones for the title thanks to that combination.

His fight against the champion was a good one but he wasn’t good enough to take out Jones who won via the unanimous decision.

After the loss, he took more losses to the top fighters including Phil Davis and Johnson keeping him out of the title picture.

A big win against Jarod Cannonier brought him back to the top of the division and heading into UFC Fight Night 109 he had a chance to be the name people look to should Jones win against Cormier.

Teixeira had a good chance against Jones but nobody has pushed Jones further than Gustafsson who took two rounds from the then champion.

The problem was he couldn’t take just one more and he fell just short of taking the title from Jones.

He remained near the top but took another loss in a title fight against Cormier where he once again lost his chance at the title by a close decision.

He has been so close but never quite got there despite his losses only coming against the top fighters in the

After taking more than six months off, Gustafsson is back looking to take a big win and get right in line after the Jones-Cormier match-up.

Both fighters entered the octagon hoping for that chance to fight for another title and take hold of the potential that both teams had.

Neither fighter seemed very interested in taking the fight to the ground very much but they both were looking at different ways to strike.

Gustafsson was using his length to stay outside while Teixeira was trying to get inside and launch his big shots.

Teixeira could never quite get there though as Gustafsson kept him on the outside and anytime the distance was closed he circled out to avoid the big shots.

Fighting at Gustafsson’s distance led to a difficult night for Teixeira as he continued to take damage throughout the fight.

As Gustafsson got more comfortable the danger increased with Teixeira taking bigger punches and multiple times looking like it could be over.

After four full rounds of punishment, the damage was eventually too much and Gustafsson caught Teixeira with one more big shot.

That shot ended it all as Teixeira was done and Gustafsson had completed a dominant performance with a knockout.

The win for Gustafsson was a convincing one and should put him right into the title conversation after Jones and Cormier face off.

After all, Gustafsson is the one fight that both of those fighters will never forget as he pushed both of them to their limits.

He wants a rematch regardless of who wins and after that great performance, there is little stopping him from getting that rematch.



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