Champions Big and Small in Dallas

ufc-211The UFC continued to put on great pay-per-view events as UFC 211 was full of great fights with a lot of fighters have a lot to prove.

There were UFC debuts and UFC comebacks as well as a few top contender fights that will make a big difference in the coming months.

The fights that everyone was watching for though were the two championship fights on the card that represented the two polar opposites of the UFC.

One one side there is the biggest division in the promotion which has never had a dominant champion and has often been forgettable but still one of the most popular divisions in the sport.

The other side is the smallest division in the promotion involving the smallest women in the UFC that has had one dominant champion for almost all of its existence yet doesn’t get the same love from the fans.

The Heavyweight division has always been the premier division in combat sports but the UFC has often struggled with the ageing fighters in the division not representing much excitement.

People still tune in though and with Stipe Miocic ruling the division there is a bit of a new life at heavyweight.

Then there is the strawweight division made up of 115 lbs women and often it doesn’t get the same type of interest.

Yet it has some of the better fights in the UFC and one of the best champions in the UFC as Joanna Jędrzejcyzyk sits alongside Demetrious Johnson as the two most dominant champions in MMA.

She might not be the superstar that Miocic is, as the heavyweight champion but she is one of the most skilled strikers in the UFC regardless of weight or gender.

Her technique is devastating and has already shut down every challenger in her career as she entered UFC 211 looking for another win.

It is the smallest division and yet one of the most intriguing as every title challenger is a new mystery with many wondering if she will be the one to solve Jędrzejcyzyk.

The latest challenger was Jessica Andrade who brought a different type of power than Jędrzejcyzyk had ever seen into this title fight and co-main event.

The question was whether or not the power that Andrade brought into the fight would be the thing that shut down the champion.

Jędrzejcyzyk did get tagged in her last fight but came through but if she was tagged by a shot from Andrade and then subjected to the ground and pound of the Brazilian the reign might just be over.

The difference between the two fighters was clear as Jędrzejcyzyk looked to stick and move using her technique while Andrade was trying to brawl.

The power difference was easy to see as Andrade landed big shots and earned multiple takedowns at the start of the fight while Jędrzejcyzyk was landing but not really affecting Andrade.

Then technique took over and after an initial explosion from Andrade Jędrzejcyzyk started to leave no doubt landing shots and getting out of the way.

She remained a champion in another dominant performance for one of the most dominant champions in the

Jędrzejcyzyk will now take on Rose Namajunas in a rematch that the champion hopes is her 6th straight title defence.

Then it was time for the one division with the most attention all the time as the heavyweights are always the popular fighters.

They are the fighters that simply go forward and earn knockouts giving the fans exactly what they want.

Miocic was heading into his second title defence and looking to match other past champions who have only ever defended the belt twice.

It was another step towards becoming the most dominant heavyweight champion in UFC history but it wouldn’t be easy.

He was taking on the last fighter to beat him and a former champion in Junior Dos Santos who was looking to show that his boxing can still win championships.

The technique and speed that Dos Santos brings into every fight is better than every heavyweight but Miocic has always had this ability to be a better all-around fighter than everyone else.

He brought great technique, great power and great wrestling into his second title defence looking to avenge the last loss.

From the start of the fight, Miocic began putting his plan in place making sure that Dos Santos couldn’t get into a rhythm.

It was key for the champion as the boxing of Dos Santos is a very high level but if he is constantly going back and never getting to set up he won’t be able to win.

Miocic looked to press forward and did it enough to earn the knockout avenging his last loss in convincing fashion.

It is possible that Miocic is the most dominant heavyweight champion ever and whoever he faces next whether it be the winner of Mark Hunt and Derrick Lewis, Cain Velasquez in his return or the rising Francis Ngannou he will be looking for a record-breaking win.

The night was a great one as a deep card certainly lived up to the hype as two champions walked away with their belts intact in fights that showed the differences in the UFC.



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