2017 IIHF World Championship Report (Day 10)

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The World Championships only has two days left and teams are finally starting to see their future determined.

There are only a few teams with two games left and the playoff spots are running in short supply.

Two teams have been watched closely all tournament as the French and the Germans were playing in front of a home crowd throughout the round robin.

Neither team is necessarily known for their ability on the ice as they are good teams but not teams that regularly compete for medals in the World Championship.

When they entered the tournament both were hoping that they could use the push from their home crowds to find their way to the playoffs.

The hope was that they could give their home crowds something to cheer about as they hosted the tournament.

Both teams have had pretty successful tournaments but neither of them is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs this year.

The French were the team that had a bigger road to climb if only because they have not had a lot of success in the World Championships.

They are a team that has found their spot in the top tier but have struggled to get any further than just staying in the top tier.

This year they didn’t start great losing their first game but they certainly recovered to make things interesting.

They beat Finland in their second game and began to fight their way into contention for the playoffs.

After ten days in the tournament, the run is over though as the French team did well to earn a total of seven points this year but it won’t be enough to make the playoffs.

It was a risky decision to host the tournament in Paris and the IIHF likely wanted to see France move on to increase the interest in the country.

They played well and had a great tournament but it just wasn’t enough as they won’t be able to make the playoffs this year but they will stay in the top tier for another year.

Germany was the other host of the tournament and they were the team that has often had a little more success.

They are more of a traditional hockey country and so when they were announced as hosts there was a chance for them to move into the playoffs.

The Germans immediately started their tournament on a good run beating the Americans in their first game of the tournament.hockey-sidebar

Since then they have been good putting together a number of wins and staying in the hunt for the playoffs.

They are part of the group that has seen most of their playoff spots disappear but heading into their final game they are still in the hunt.

They are fighting with the Latvians to find that final spot in the playoffs but that fight could be over if Latvia wins both of their final games.

The Germans are still in the fight and the tournament’s final days will make a big difference for a team with plenty of interest.

The German fans broke a record for attendance in an afternoon game this tournament showing that their fans were watching and paying attention.

They still have a chance and it will make Cologne a fun place to watch a game as there is a lot to play for in the last two days.

So do a lot of other teams as the Latvians need to win at least one of their next two games if they want to have a chance at the final playoff spot in Group A.

In Group B things are a lot more open as even the Canadians could find themselves out of a playoff spot should Norway go on a run and they lose their last game.

No spot is ensured for anyone in Group B as the Norwegians will have two games left and could eliminate any of the top four.

If they lose either of those two games things will change pretty quickly as the final days of the World Championship are going to mean a lot.


Day 10:
USA 6-1 Slovakia
– The Americans continue to end their round robin in style taking another convincing win as they will head to playoffs on a high note hoping to end this tournament with a gold medal around their necks

Czech Republic 5-2 France
– The French still had a chance to make their way to the playoffs as they took on the Czechs with a chance to take a win but they couldn’t compete with the Czech Republic this time around and were officially eliminated from the playoffs

Sweden 4-2 Denmark
– There are a few teams in Group A that were not looking the best at the start of the round robin but they are coming back and Sweden is continuing their comeback with a win over the Danes to clinch a playoff spot

Finland 3-2 Switzerland (OT)
– It was another difficult one for the Finns who should have taken care of the Swiss but as Switzerland showed earlier they are still a solid team and taking a point from the Finns was another step towards the playoffs

Day 11:
Denmark vs. Italy (Monday, May 15th; 10:15 am ET)
– It is Italy’s last chance as they need to win this game to have any hope of finding their way out of relegation but another loss will ensure their spot in Division I-A next year as the Danes hope to keep Italy in that spot

Canada vs. Norway (Monday, May 15th; 10:15 am ET)
– The Canadians will look to solidify their spots in the playoffs this year as they pursue another gold medal while trying to beat Norway who still has the chance to make the playoffs but needs this win to do that

Russia vs. Latvia (Monday, May 15th; 2:15 pm ET)
– Latvia has had a lot of success this tournament but after a few tough games they are falling out of the playoffs and now they have a chance to finally get that spot but it will come against a very tough Russian team

France vs. Slovenia (Monday, May 15th; 2:15 pm ET)
– The French are not headed to the playoffs but they still want to end this tournament off with a win while the Slovenians look to gain three points that might be able to keep them out of relegation for next year

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