UFC 211 Preview

ufc-211There was an era in the UFC where the divisions were led by fighters that nobody thought were going to lose anytime soon.

It was a time when fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre ruled the promotion essentially clearing out entire divisions.

Both St. Pierre and Silva will go down as some of the most dominant champions alongside Jon Jones and Jose Aldo.

At the same time, Ronda Rousey was making her mark on the sport while fighters like Benson Henderson, Frankie Edgar, Dominick Cruz and Renan Barao all looked like they were ready to join those dominant champions.

All through the early 2010s, the UFC was ruled by these strong fighters and the debates surrounded when they will lose or if they will ever lose.

Slowly but surely they all started to fall though as the most dominant champions, or promising champions started to lose and the era of the dominant champions began to end.

Silva took a bad loss to Weidman, St. Pierre semi-retired and vacated his belt, Aldo took a loss to Conor McGregor and Jones suffered from issues out of the octagon ending with him losing his title.

The champions had all fallen and all of a sudden the UFC was in a new era where surprises and parity ruled.

Divisions have changed over title holders on a regular basis since that time but there are a few fighters looking to bring the dominant champions back.

The best of them is Demetrious Johnson who just tied Silva with the most title defences in UFC history.

Another champion looking to put her name among the best ever is Joanna Jędrzeczyk who will enter her fifth title defence as the strawweight champion.

Jędrzeczyk seemingly came out of nowhere as the UFC held a The Ultimate Fighter looking for the first strawweight champion without her involved.

She beat the winner of the show to earn the belt and she has been one of the most dominant fighters in the promotion since that time.

She has a distance to go before matching the 10 title defences of Johnson and Silva but she is one of only two title holders with a run longer than two fights.

She will take on Jéssica Andrade who is riding a four-fight win streak into her title shot and is looking to take her power into the fight and shut down Jędrzeczyk.mma-sidebar.fw

As one of the most dominant champions in the promotion looks to continue her run at the top another champion looks to tame the only division that has never seen a dominant champion.

The heavyweight division has always been one of the premier divisions in the UFC and in every combat sport.

In the UFC it has also been one of the toughest for any champion to remain at the top with no champion successfully defending the belt more than twice in a row.

The newest champion is looking to be the most dominant heavyweight in the history of the UFC but he still has some room to get there.

Stipe Miocic took the belt from Fabricio Werdum then defended his belt for the first time in September when he beat Alistair Overeem with a TKO in the first round.

He looks for his second title defence against a tough test in former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

It will be a familiar opponent as Miocic has taken on dos Santos before in a fight that is considered one of the greatest in heavyweight history.

Both fighters went toe-to-toe in a slugfest where neither was willing to give in and after three round dos Santos came out on top with a unanimous decision.

It was a controversial decision as some believed that Miocic won that fight but it was the last time he experienced a loss.

That fight marked a different occasion for dos Santos as it was a win in his first fight back in over a year off after losing his championship belt.

He went on to lose to Alistair Overeem but then beat Ben Rothwell to put him into the title conversation again.

He looks to return to the top of the division he once ruled while Miocic is trying to carve out his own legacy in the division.

Both Miocic and Jędrzeczyk will lead a great fight card in the hopes that they can remain champions.

In the case of Jędrzeczyk it is about her legacy as one of the best and for Miocic it is about starting the process of becoming dominant with both looking to bring the era of dominant champions back.


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