2017 IIHF World Championship Report (Day 2)

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Hosting the World Championship is a big deal in Europe as the tournament still remains the biggest tournament in hockey.

This year the IIHF decided one two different countries host the tournament with one of the decisions raising some eyebrows.

That was when the IIHF decided to host the tournament in Paris, a non-traditional market where the sport is not necessarily the biggest draw.

France and Germany would be the hosts with one traditional hockey market and one non-traditional sharing the duties.

It also meant that the Germans and French would be playing in front of a home crowd giving them a little extra in the tournament.

Playing in front of a home crowd can be an adventure as teams can take it in very different ways.

There are teams that love to play in front of a home crowd as they feed off of the energy in sold-out buildings.

Others can take it as a high-pressure situation where expectations are extremely high from the home crowd.

Sometimes that can entirely depend on the level of the team and in this tournament the level of the host teams could provide a lot of pressure.

The Germans are a hockey country but a country that has not produced that many great players at the top level.

They have constantly been in the top tier of the tournament and they are rarely fighting to stay out of relegation.

Yet they struggle to move any further up the ladder struggling to make the playoffs and compete for medals.

They have great potential and this year with their talent they could find their way to the playoffs but they need to win some big games.

In Day 1 they did just that when they beat the Americans, a team they were not supposed to beat.

The home crowd in Cologne gave them that extra boost they need to get by a good team but on Day 2 they couldn’t repeat their performance.

It wasn’t expected that they would win as they were facing Sweden and the difference between to two teams is a big one.

Still, the Germans have three points when they were expected to have none by this time in the tournament.hockey-sidebar

They will have one more really big test when they take on Russia but the rest of the teams in their group shouldn’t be the biggest tests.

They aren’t guaranteed to win but they have a chance to beat all of them and if they do they could find themselves in the playoffs giving the home crowd plenty to cheer about.

France has had a little bit different of a start to their tournament in their capital as they opened their tournament on Day 2 against Norway.

It was a game scheduled to give the French somewhat of a break as it was likely the game that they should be competitive in from the start.

France is not the best team and despite being a part of the top tier often they are usually fighting to stay out of relegation.

Their opening game against Norway was going to be a game that would truly show where the French stood in the tournament as they were likely going to battle Norway to stay out of relegation.

The first game for the French didn’t turn out the way they had hoped as the Norwegians came out to an early lead and never looked back.

The French tried to come back but couldn’t keep up as they dropped their first game and now have a little bigger of a hill to climb.

That loss puts them behind as they hope to find their way back and hopefully attempt to make the playoffs at home.

Both host teams are sitting in different positions after their opening game and they are hoping to find the same path.

After all, the home crowd is watching and they want something to cheer for and there could be mixed feelings when the round robin is finished.

There is a lot of room to go as they are trying to get to the playoffs after only a few games.


Day 2:
Latvia 3-0 Denmark
– The Latvians didn’t have a chance for an upset in this game as they should have competed and they did taking the win in their opening game while the Danes took the loss and now have fewer chances to stay out of Division I-A

Switzerland 5-4 Slovenia (SO)
– The Slovenians had something to prove as they were going into this tournament trying to show that they belong in the top tier of the tournament but they came up just short when they lost to the Swiss in overtime

Slovakia 3-2 Italy (OT)
–  Italy wanted to make a statement in their opening game and despite their loss, they still made that statement as they pushed the Slovakians to overtime with the newly promoted team taking a point in their opening game

Czech Republic 6-1 Belarus
– After a loss to the Canadians to open their tournament the Czechs were hoping to bounce back the day after and they got the chance to as they easily got past the Belarusians for their first win

Sweden 7-2 Germany
– It was a tough loss for the Swedes against the Russians in their opening game but against the home team they were able to recover from the loss with a big win while the Germans couldn’t carry their momentum into two straight wins

Norway 3-2 France
– The French were looking to kick off their home tournament with a big win against the Norwegians but Norway wasn’t going to let that happen taking the win and starting their tournament off right

Day 3:
Italy vs. Russia (Sunday, May 7th; 6:15 am ET)
– After pushing the Slovakians to overtime the Italians face their biggest test of the tournament as they take on the Russians in a game that will truly show how far the Italians have to go to compete with the best of the best

Slovenia vs. Canada (Sunday, May 7th; 6:15 am ET)
– The Canadians are back at it after taking a day off as they look for their second win against the Slovenians while the Slovenians were hoping to shock everyone with a big win, which would be their first of the tournament

USA vs. Denmark (Sunday, May 7th; 10:15 am ET)
– The Americans started their tournament in the worst way losing to the Germans but now they get their chance to recover as they take on Denmark hoping to stay away from another upset and get their first win

Finland vs. France (Sunday, May 7th; 10:15 am ET)
– The French did not have the best start to the tournament and now they get a real test in the Finns who have not been the best in the start to their tournament but might find their stride against the home team in Paris

Latvia vs. Slovakia (Sunday, May 7th; 2:15 pm ET)
– Latvia is off to a good start and they are hoping to continue that as they take on the Slovaks in their second game hoping to go a perfect 2-for-2 this year while Slovakia looks to get their second win

Norway vs. Switzerland (Sunday, May 7th; 2:15 pm ET)
– Both teams could be trying to stay away from the bottom of the group standings this year and a big factor in that will be that this game could mean the difference in either staying out of the bottom of the group

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