2017 WBC Finals Review

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The World Baseball Classic came to an end at one of the most legendary stadiums in the baseball world.

In the final game, two teams that have never won the title had their chance to be named the best in the world.

The Puerto Ricans came so close a year ago while the Americans had never been as close as this to winning the title.

The big story heading into this game was the fact that the Americans were without a title despite the fact that they were always seen as the pinnacle of baseball.

It was always one of the biggest sports in the country and the system in place for the development of stars.

That combination made everyone assume that they were easily the best country in the world and putting together a team of their best players would crush everyone.

The first tournament they didn’t get their best players to participate and the team seemed to suffer for that lack of commitment.

They didn’t even make it to the semi-finals in that year and all of a sudden they weren’t the best team in the world.

It woke everyone up but the next tournament still couldn’t bring out the biggest stars and although they made the semi-finals they couldn’t finish it off.

That has been the theme for the Americans ever since the tournament began and it has been one of the biggest overall issues for the tournament.

The World Baseball Classic has had a lot of trouble getting attention from the fans throughout the USA.

A lot of that has had to do with the fact that the Americans rarely bring their biggest names to the tournament because nobody seems to care enough.

When the players don’t care the fans don’t care and it has forced the WBC to take a backseat to Spring Training baseball.

The teams that have taken this tournament seriously are the ones that tend to do a much better job of competing.

The Japanese always considered this a good chance to show how good they were and they took two titles thanks to that attitude and their great talent.

When the Dominicans began to take things much more seriously they rose to the top and took home the title.

More teams than that have started to find that out and the Puerto Ricans were a perfect example as they were having fun but they brought a great team as well.

They had taken things seriously and their best players showed up to compete and go undefeated.baseball-sidebar

The Americans were still without their biggest stars but this new generation of players seemed to have a new attitude.

The young guns led the USA to the finals alongside a number of veterans but the young guns were the backbone of their run into the finals.

That showed in the finals as the Americans saw one of those young stars who is leading a new attitude towards the tournament lead them into the finals.

The young star leading them was Marcus Stroman who is one of the most promising young pitchers in the game.

He got the start against the Puerto Ricans who had been able to get to plenty of good pitching throughout the tournament including Stroman in their second round game.

The American’s confidence in him paid off in a big way though as he went six perfect innings before allowing his first hit in the seventh.

That performance was exactly what they needed as it allowed them to build a lead and that lead led to an easy win.

The Americans were finally the champions of the world and Stroman was named the MVP claiming that he will be back in four years to defend the title.

That type of commitment and the win could change everything for this tournament’s future.

The Americans are the linchpin for this tournament no matter what other fans think, as the WBC will only be successful if the USA gets on board.

With this title, the interest will grow, as it did when the Americans started to show that they were good enough to compete.

The fact that Stroman played great and is so committed to his country could change attitudes of younger players.

If those attitudes change the team will be better and when the team is better the interest grows and so does the tournament.

Although some fans weren’t too happy to see the USA on top their win could be the best thing that happened to the World baseball Classic.


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