Finding a Place

UFC Fight Night: Belfort v GastelumIt has regularly been one of the biggest issues in the UFC as the promotion has a legitimate problem with weight cutting.

It isn’t a new problem but it is one that has continually affected the UFC more and more in the bigger fights.

It happened just a week ago when what could have been one of the best lightweight fights ever was cancelled only a day before the fight.

That was because Khabib Nurmagomedov had such a hard time cutting weight that he was taken to the hospital.

He was far from the first to cancel a big fight due to an inability to cut weight but it was one of the more visible issues with weight cutting.

Fight commissions have attempted to make things safer for fighters in outlawing IVs that were used to rehydrate faster after a weight cut and by moving the official weigh-in to earlier allowing for more time to rehydrate before the fight.

These measures have made things safer but many fighters are having a tougher time cutting weight without their ability to use IVs or the extra time with weigh-ins later in the day.

It has become a major issue and there are multiple fighters that have had these issues that are known for their struggle in cutting weight.

It is never a good thing for a fighter to be known for as there are few things that will end a career faster than simply not showing up to fight.

Any number of fighters can lose and keep things exciting, in turn keeping their spots on the UFC roster.

When a fighter is scheduled to fight but makes a habit of missing that fight especially when missing the fight comes from something controllable like a weight cut is a good way for the promotion to forget about you.

There is a way out though and a few fighters have found that as fighters that struggle to make weight have done the logical thing and switched to a higher weight class.

It seems like such a simple solution but for some fighters, it is a decision they don’t want to make.

Most of the time it is because they are a fighter that is among the bigger fighters in the weight division and their difference in power gives them a big advantage

Moving up a weight class can mean that the fighter is now one of the smaller fighters and their power all of a sudden becomes a lot less of a weapon.

It is a part of why a lot of fighters hold on to the thought that they can remain in a lighter weight class despite the evidence to the

Anthony Johnson is a perfect example of what can happen when a fighter accepts that they should be somewhere else.

He was once close to being cut from the UFC after regularly missing weight but then he moved to the light heavyweight division and is now the top contender in the division.

The UFC is hoping that Kelvin Gastelum can see that example and realise that his spot is in a heavier weight class.

Gastelum was in the same situation as he was very close to being cut especially after missing weight in the biggest card in UFC history.

He got a second chance a month later though and that second chance was in the middleweight division.

He easily won that fight and with the win, every fan of the young fighter was hoping that he could realise that he had found his weight class.

He would get his second chance to prove what he had in that division at UFC Fight Night 106 when he headlined the card against a legendary veteran.

Gastelum was set to take on Vitor Belfort in a true test of just how good he could be in this new weight class.

The first test was passed when Gastelum made weight for the fight but he then had to take on a great striker, albeit somewhat slowed in the last few years, to test whether or not he belonged.

At the very start of the fight, it seemed like maybe he might be overmatched by a bigger and stronger fighter.

Belfort unleashed his quick hands early and Gastelum began struggling but he certainly didn’t back down.

After weathering an initial flurry Gastelum began landing his own shots and dropping Belfort with a big left hand.

After Belfort got back up Gastelum once again landed a big shot and ended the fight early proving that he might just be the next contender in the middleweight division.

With a new weight class, Gastelum has continued to be a great fighter and his second straight win could help him move up the rankings quickly.

It could be the beginning of another redemption story as Gastelum is on his way now that he has finally decided to move up in weight rather than continuing to miss weight.



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