UFC Fight Night 105 Preview

ufc-fn105It has been a long time since the UFC’s heavyweight division has caused excitement in the MMA with few great stars and few big fights.

It is a far cry from what it once was but their lack of big names and big fights is not something that is new.

They have been going through this same issue for years and despite their attempts, they have yet to breath new life into the biggest division in the sport.

That doesn’t mean there is no talent but the fact is that the heavyweight division features so many fighters around the same level that it is hard for anyone to get ahead.

At any point in time, the champion could lose as Stipe Miocic is good but he is not the greatest heavyweight champion ever and he can be beaten.

Generally, this should make the division that much better but when there is nobody able to make their way through the rankings it is tough to get excited.

The UFC had that in Travis Browne as he was one of the more athletic heavyweights in a division that was seeing bigger and bigger fighters.

Browne brought that size but also the athleticism and he looked like the new champion from the moment he entered the UFC.

His first fight began a string of five straight wins that moved him up the rankings until he lost to Antonio Silva.

He was still on his way as he put together three more wins which then led to some more inconsistency on his part.

It was so promising to start with but when he reached that level he hit a wall and that tends to b a pattern in the division.

There is a point where the best fighters get to and cannot get much further past because they no longer can win.

In any given fight any of the top ten can beat another fighter from the top ten leaving a very difficult decision on who should be the next challenger.

That leaves the bigger names like Alistair Overeem, Andrei Arlovski and many more that are not the same fighters they used to be when they were at the top of the division.

As for the younger heavyweights, it is hard for them to break through to the top and Browne’s story is the exact story that has been seen time and time again.

At UFC Fight Night 105, Browne will look to get back on the path towards a title shot as he desperately needs a win if he wants to remain a potential title contender.

After two straight losses, another one will not help him stay in any conversation when it comes to the heavyweight division.

His opponent, on the other hand, is a fighter looking to find his way through the minefield that is the heavyweight division.mma-sidebar.fw

So far Derrick Lewis has been successful managing that minefield after putting together five straight wins leading to his fight against Browne.

This is the point when most heavyweights falter though as Lewis has yet to face one of the top fighters in the division.

He has beaten Roy Nelson and Gabriel Gonzaga during his run but both are on the other side of their careers.

They are good wins but they are not the wins that convince anyone that Lewis is truly a contender.

A win against Browne might not exactly do that either as a third straight loss for Browne might taint a win by Lewis.

Still, for Lewis, this is the step into that group of fighters where things get very muddy and if Lewis can begin to navigate that section of the division he might be the prospect that they have been waiting for.

His first step is against someone who so far has failed to navigate the deep waters of the division but is far from an easy out.

There is plenty on the line in this heavyweight division as what was once the UFC’s biggest and best division continues to try to find their way back to relevance.

Fighters like Lewis are the future but they will need to get through fighters like Browne to get to Miocic.

That is the state of the division and for another night that division will remain the focus as the UFC continues to watch as they hope some new life can enter the division.


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