Dynasty Rules in Houston

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When it comes to great teams there are a number of theories in the sports world as some love dominant teams and others despise them.

For those that love them, there is a place for great teams in any league because these dynasties produce something rare in sports.

That is the fact that these great teams produce both love and hate and can help grow the sport and the league.

Their fan base grows as they win and everyone else has someone to cheer against throughout the season.

For this side of the argument, it is simply fun to see great teams be great and play at a top level creating history and amazing moments in the league.

The other side argues that a league is better when more teams can win as it gives more teams a bigger support group.

That allows more franchises to grow and although it doesn’t bring those dynasties that many fans love it does increase unpredictability.

It truly provides that “anyone can win” viewpoint some fuel as more teams winning mean more teams have a chance to win.

The debate continues and will always continue but for now, parity rules through most of the leagues including the NFL.

In the NFL the league was built on dynasties as the great teams make up the rich history of the league but the time of the dynasties has somewhat disappeared.

There hasn’t been a repeat champion since New England won back-to-back titles in 2004 and 2005.

Since then there has been a new champion every year leading to plenty of parity in the league and some excitement for that side of the argument.

Teams have risen and fallen with some new champions coming out of nowhere but it doesn’t mean that the dominant teams aren’t still around.

In the NFL there really is only one dominant team and although they don’t win every year they are always a part of the fight for a Super Bowl.

That team is the New England Patriots who have been a part of six Super Bowls winning four of them all since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady arrived in 2000.

They were back for their seventh appearance in 17 years looking to continue their almost two decades of dominance in the league.

At Super Bowl LI the Patriots were all looking to continue their time on top of the league but there was a team representing the other side in the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons had yet to win a Super bowl only going to one title game before Super Bowl LI and dropping that chance against the Denver Broncos.

Their win would be another mark for parity as they would take the first title dropping the list from 13 to 12 teams that have never won a title.

They were fighting for parity while the Patriots were fighting for dominance as one of the biggest debates in the league took form in the biggest game of the season.

It started out really well for the parity side of things as the Falcons did everything they needed to do in order to beat the Patriots.

Their defence got to Brady early and often, which has long been the only way to stop the future Hall of Famer as he is not good at improvising and needs things to go right.football-sidebar

Getting in his face early makes things break down and for the entire first half, Brady couldn’t get the offence going as he was off while the rest of the team didn’t help him out.

Then on offence, the Falcons showed what got them there as the Patriots couldn’t stop the multi-faceted attack.

The Falcons ended the half with a 21-3 lead and everything was going their way with what looked like an easy win for the team.

It continued in the second half as the Falcons added to their lead early going ahead 28-3 and taking control of the game completely.

Things began to shift at the end of the quarter when the Pats finally broke through to end the quarter with a much-needed touchdown.

That is when the momentum started to swing and the fourth quarter was owned by the Patriots who continued to put up points while shutting down the Falcons.

The best offence in the league couldn’t do anything while a defence that was getting to Brady could no longer find their way to the backfield.

It seemed unlikely that the Pats could climb all the way back but it didn’t stop them as they fought back and eventually tied the game.

That forced the Super Bowl into overtime for the first time in the 51 years that the biggest game of the season has been played.

The Patriots won the coin toss and got the first chance to score and end the game, which seemed inevitable that they would do with the way the momentum was swinging.

The Falcons put up a fight but a pass interference call put the Pats at the one-yard line with at least three attempts to end the game.

They did that on second down as the Patriots were able to drive the ball home scoring a touchdown and taking home another Super Bowl.

The Falcons looked unstoppable in the first half but things switched quickly while some very big penalties turned out to be the end of the season.

In the fourth quarter, they were pushed out of field goal range thanks to a holding call while their overtime pass interference call sealed the deal.

It was a devastating loss for the Falcons as they were on the right track but they couldn’t finish as mistakes sunk their chance of taking home their first title.

For the Patriots is was just a continuation of their great play since 2000 as Brady and Belichick took home their fifth Super Bowl.

Since 2000 there hasn’t been a team as consistent as the Pats and there is no doubt that both Brady and Belichick are going to the hall of fame as possibly the greatest ever.

That debate will continue though as both have won but there are certainly points to argue for either of them in terms of where they rank among the greatest of all time.

For now, though the Patriots are on top and for the fans that enjoy the dominant teams it is another year where a dynasty takes hold and remains the best team in the league.


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