UFC Fight Night 104 Preview

ufc-fn104The UFC is one of the most multicultural leagues in the world as they welcome in fighters from all around the world.

The championship list is a little less diverse than the people on the roster though as the winners of the titles in the UFC have largely been American and Brazilian, with a couple of Europeans in the mix.

There are plenty of other regions and countries that have produced fighters and plenty of good fighters as well but no others have produced champions.

It is somewhat surprising that Asia has yet to produce a champion in the UFC considering their great tradition of combat sports.

After all, Japan was the home of Pride which was a major leader in MMA and produced some of the biggest names that helped the UFC grow into what it is today.

It seems like great fighters would flow out of Japan and the other countries for the same reason but so far none have been able to reach the top.

That hasn’t stopped the legends from growing in that area and right now the legends all surround the Korean fighters making noise.

The legend grew with what is likely the best fight in 2016 when Do Ho Choi went toe-to-toe with Cub Swanson.

It was a shocker as many wondered if Choi could actually take any punishment after dishing it out in his short UFC career.

It turns out he can take a punch possibly better than anyone else in the UFC right now as the Korean Super Boy gained new respect from all fight fans on that night.

All he was doing is following the example of one of the most legendary Korean fighters in Chan Sun Jung.

Jung gained the nickname “The Korean Zombie” for his ability to continue coming forward no matter the circumstance.

That ability to keep moving forward made Jung a top fighter and a legendary fighter as he looked to make his way through the UFC.

He made an impression right away as his first fight marked the first ever Twister submission in UFC history.mma-sidebar.fw

He locked in that submission against Leonard Garcia and it immediately captured the imaginations of everyone.

Not only did he have this legendary ability to absorb damage but he also had submissions that nobody had seen in the octagon.

It seemed like he was headed towards becoming a serious contender in the featherweight division after beating Mark Hominick and then putting on a show against Dustin Poirier.

He got his shot against Jose Aldo and lasted four rounds against the champion but that is all that he could muster in his title shot.

He was knocked out in the fourth and the chance to become the first champion from Asia disappeared.

That title shot saw him fade away from the picture in the UFC as well with no fights since that title shot in 2013.

He has not been back in the octagon since that time and so his star has not been as bright as it once was.

The Korean Zombie will make his return on Super Bowl weekend though as Jung is back and ready to make another run at the title.

Jung has had a penchant for putting on great fights in the UFC and he hopes to do the same as it is the best way to rise fast through the rankings of a division that remains stalled.

His first attempt to get back to that title shot will be against Dennis Bermudez, another fighter who has the ability to put on great fights.

Bermudez has put himself in line for bonuses before and against Jung it is hard to think that putting these two together won’t produce some fireworks.

Both are well-rounded, as is almost every top tier fighter, while Bermudez holds more power in his hands but that ability to take punishment is still there for Jung.

Where Jung might come out on top is on the ground where he is more creative in looking for submissions and landing them.

It could make for some fireworks in this fight and for Jung, it is his chance to get back into the title conversation after more than three years away from the octagon.


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