Wednesday Morning QB (Divisional Weekend)

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The Wild Card round of the playoffs led to some less than desirable match-ups as the best teams in the league weren’t in action and the gaps between many of the teams was massive.

It led to a weekend full of boring games where nothing was really resolved as the teams that everyone expected to win did.

The best game was the one between Green Bay and New York which started as a close one but eventually saw the Packers run away with things.

Those games led to some interesting match-ups in the divisional round as better teams were ready to face-off.

The one game that nobody got very excited about was the game between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans.

It was one of the most dominant teams in the league against a team struggling on offence despite having one of the top defences in the league.

It was rightfully so that the game was not very anticipated as the Patriots easily got through Houston winning 34-16.

The Atlanta Falcons followed suit when they walked over the Seattle Seahawks and convinced a lot of people that they will be headed to the Super Bowl.

In Kansas City, the game was a close one but not necessarily exciting with offensive deficiencies that saw only two touchdowns all game, both from the losing team.

The Packers and the Cowboys put on a how though as they went down to the wire where an amazing throw and catch followed by field goal won the game for the Packers.

So far the playoffs have not been the greatest show of what NFL football can be though as the games have been lacklustre.

There hasn’t been a playoff in recent memory where the mismatches have been so big over the first two rounds.

This year the teams have not been equal as there are clearly stand-outs among each conference while the others are all just there for the lack of other challengers.

Some of it wasn’t the exact team that made a run at the playoffs with injuries hurting some teams just before the playoffs.

It has been disappointing in terms of trying to find the best teams to play in Houston but there is some hope coming.

The playoffs are meant to weed out the teams that don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl.

That isn’t to say that the best teams will always make the Super Bowl but there is a process of finding the teams that deserve to be there.

Whether it be because they are so good that they overcome all of their issues or they are the team that can withstand the trials of a season and a playoff.

The teams that deserve to be in the Super Bowl from each conference find their way to the big game and that doesn’t change this year.

There is no question that the conference championships have put together the top teams playing right now.

Despite the games before it seems like the teams that are playing at their best are ready to play for their chance at the Super

In the AFC it is the seemingly unstoppable force that is the Patriots are up against a team that some believe has the answer.

The Pats have a great defence but they haven’t faced an offence as potent as the Steelers can be while the Steelers also have a good defence.

As good as the Pats have been, the Steelers might have the answer and although New England still seems like the clear choice it could be their biggest test yet.

In the NFC, defensive fans should probably turn the channel as both Atlanta and Green Bay have good defences but they might disappear with the offensive power in the Georgia Dome.

The Falcons and Packers have not put on many boring games with Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers at the helm of their offences and that doesn’t seem to be changing.

The Atlanta offence is one of the best thanks to their collection of players all led by Ryan while the Packers have found ways to win thanks largely to Rodgers and his ability to keep them in games.

If Ryan and Rodgers do go toe-to-toe it could be the best game of the season and might head to the final minutes to get the chance to play in the Super Bowl.

The championship games could be exactly what everyone has been waiting for in these playoffs.

For fans, these are the games that everyone wanted to see and for the Super Bowl, these are the games that will determine the best teams.

They will be the games that will produce the most deserving teams in the league and when all is set and done they will hopefully produce the best games possible.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

The Carousel Spins
This week was a week of hires as coaching positions were filled at a rapid pace with Vance Joseph headed to Denver, Sean McDermott to Buffalo, Sean McVay to the LA Rams, and Anthony Lynn to the Chargers and Kyle Shanahan rumoured to be headed to San Francisco

Adding a Team
The San Diego Chargers made big news this week as they exercised their right to follow the Rams to Los Angeles where they will share a stadium when it is finished but for 2017 they will play at the StubHub Center as the Los Angeles Chargers

Social Media Backfire
There was a lot of celebration in the Pittsburgh locker room but for some, what Antonio Brown did crossed a line as he went live on Facebook broadcasting Mike Tomlin’s speech which has not gone over well with the coach

Romo’s Market Value
The Dallas Cowboys were officially eliminated from the playoffs and with their playoff loss there is one major question and that is what can be done with Tony Romo as the former starter will likely be traded to a QB-needy team in the off-season


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