Wednesday Morning QB (Week 17)

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The NFL season is officially done as the long march towards the Super Bowl takes one more big step with the playoffs right around the corner.

The teams left will look to put things into another gear as they hope to take home the ultimate prize in football.

The teams that have found themselves out of the playoffs will all look to rebuild as they head into the off-season with September 2017 marking their next shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

For now, though, the focus switches to those teams who have made it and still have a chance at winning that title.

They hope to navigate their way through the minefield that is the NFL playoffs where every play can change a season and every mistake is magnified.

It is never an easy thing to get the playoffs but once there it isn’t an easy road as the best teams in the league are the only teams left.

They are the teams that found their way through the regular season and came out on top as there are few weak links among the playoff teams.

Every one can win the championship as they all have the stars to win the title but it will be the team that can put it all together that can win.

That is the challenge of looking ahead as there is a lot of talent on the teams that are all vying for a chance to play for the Super Bowl.

Figuring out the team that can put everything together and use their talent properly is always a difficult thing especially this year.

The New England Patriots are really the only team that have few questions as they have been solid all season.

The rest of the teams have some major questions as they head into the playoffs and that can make everything more difficult in looking at the teams that are favourites for the Super Bowl.

There is something that can be used to figure this out though as it has proven to be very much related to the success of a team in the playoffs.

That the momentum factor and as much as it can define the future of the playoffs it is also a controversial topic for many.

There are plenty of people who think that momentum means very little especially when it comes to game to game.

There are less who believe that it isn’t a factor in a game itself but from game to game it can be tough to keep going.

Yet there are multiple examples of a team coming into the playoffs on a massive hot streak and taking that hot streak all the way to the Super

All anyone needs to do is to take a look at the 2010-11 Green Bay Packers who were the last team in during the 2011 playoffs.

They won their last two games though and looked like the hottest team heading into the playoffs and despite playing on the road the entire playoffs they marched through everyone on their way to a Super Bowl.

The Packers took their momentum throughout the playoffs and won the title and they are not the only team to do this.

As the new season begins there will be plenty of teams looking to do the same thing as there are a few teams riding some momentum heading into the playoffs this year.

The Packers are one of those teams as Aaron Rodgers has led his team to six straight wins that pushed them into a division title and a playoff spot.

He hopes to continue that despite their injuries as the momentum is surely on their side in the NFC after their great performances through the final weeks of the season.

They won’t be alone though as the Atlanta Falcons have won four straight on their way to a division title and a playoff spot hoping to continue that momentum through the playoffs.

The AFC will have their own streaky teams to deal with as both the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers will enter the playoffs after seven straight wins in the season.

Both have been great all year but as dominant as they have been to win seven straight games is something special.

All of these teams will be looking to take their momentum into the playoffs and find their way to Houston.

Momentum isn’t necessarily a measurable thing but it is something that the players can feel and something that they can take into games.

It is a feeling that they can do anything and get it right, it’s a confidence that makes players take the risks necessary to make the big plays.

With that behind them, they can sometimes do things that nobody sees coming and can make them go for that big play they need to win a game.

This year there will be four teams all coming into the playoffs looking great and will look to take that momentum to Houston.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

Changes in San Fran
The San Francisco 49ers are reeling from another bad season as they finished near the bottom of the league and as a result, they are changing things firing head coach Chip Kelly and GM Trent Baalke

Walking Away
Last year was supposed to be the end of the Steve Smith era as he was going to walk away from the game but an injury halted his plans and he returns for another year to go out the right way which he did walking away this year

MVP Race
The debate is heating up over the MVP for the year as some have Tom Brady as the best player while Aaron Rodgers’ performance in the last few weeks makes him the best as the debate is sure to continue through the playoffs


Key Scores:
Kansas City Chiefs 37-27 San Diego Chargers
– The Chiefs were looking to take the win and do what they could in an attempt to try to win the AFC West and they did what they needed to do as they took the win over the Chargers and took the division

Denver Broncos 24-6 Oakland Raiders
– For the Raiders their hopes of winning the division was all in their hands but they had to beat the Broncos to get there and with their backup quarterback they couldn’t get it done losing the game and dropping to the wild card

New York Giants 19-10 Washington
– The Giants had little to play for aside from their pride against a division rival and they did that plus added the fact that the win against Washington ensured that their rivals would not be seeing the playoffs this year

Green Bay Packers 31-24 Detroit Lions
– It was the most important game of the weekend as the Lions and Packers prepared for a game where the loser could be eliminated from the playoffs and the winner would make it in as the Packers took the win although the Lions remained in the wild card with a Washington loss


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