NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 3)

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The Bowl season is just about finished as only a few bowls remain and that means that the National Championship is that much closer.

This past week there were plenty of bowls with the best teams in the nation all facing off and that included the semi-finals.

The Peach Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl played host to the best teams in the country as the National Championship semi-finals.

The beginning of this year’s playoff revealed a lot about the state of the college football land the playoff itself.

Both the Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl were set to kick-off the playoff with some interesting potential for the results.

In the Peach Bowl, it was a David versus Goliath type of matchup as the Alabama Crimson Tide were set to defend their national title against the last team in the Washington Huskies.

The Tide were the monsters as they had been the best team for the last decade winning multiple national titles.

Washington hadn’t seen the national spotlight in years as they were a team that came out of nowhere in 2016 to get the #4 ranking.

If the Huskies could get the win it would make everything more interesting as it would be the biggest upset of the playoff era so far.

It would also justify the playoff system giving another #4 a chance at a national championship that they would never have had in the BCS era.

That wasn’t the case for the game though as the Tide did what they do best and ground out an easy win.

They kept the ball on the ground and broke through the Husky defence while the Tide defence shut a good Washington offence down.

It wasn’t much of a game as the top team in the country was clearly the better team and moved into the national championship.

In the Fiesta Bowl, the #2 team took on the #3 team in what was supposed to be a much closer game than the one

After all, these two teams were separated by very little in the rankings and should put on a great game to determine the next team into the national championship.

Again it wasn’t the case as the Clemson Tigers took it to the Ohio State Buckeyes in an easy walk to the national championship game.

The Clemson defence proved to be too much for the Buckeyes as the defensive line earned three sacks on the day and were all over J.T. Barrett.

The Clemson defence was so good that the Buckeyes couldn’t even get a point as they were shut out in the semi-final.

The Tigers put up 31 points to take an easy win and move into the national title game for the second year in a row.

Once again the Tigers and the Tide will face-off looking to be named the best team in the country and the last time they played against each other in the same game it was not a pretty sight.

That is for another week though as the national championship has been determined and the rematch is sure to be critique as the game continued to get closer.

The semi-finals were revealing two games and for some, they may just show that the playoff isn’t necessarily worth it.

In three years the new system has produced one surprise that showed everyone that the playoff seems to be a great idea.

The #4 team was able to get a chance that they would never have received in the BCS system where only the top two teams had a shot at winning the national championship.

Last year in the second year under the new system it was a lot of the same as the Alabama took home to the title once again much like they had done in the BCS system.

As promising as the first year was there was still that dominant team that took over in the second year.

In the third year the question became about who would make it to the title game, would it be the unexpected showing that the system works or would it be the usual suspects showing that the playoff might not get the job done.

After the semi-finals, the fact remains that the top two ranked teams will play for the national title just like they would have in the BCS system.

Not much has changed and despite the call for years to increase the amount of teams playing for the title.

It seems like the rankings got things right this time around and no matter what system is put in the best teams will face-off for the national championship this year.


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