NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 2)

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The NCAA is in just about to enter the busiest part of the bowl season with the college football playoff on the horizon.

The bowls are getting better and better as bigger teams are part of these bowl with better players and more NFL ready talent.

That is sometimes the best part of these games as the best players are featured on a regular basis and the big teams all get a chance at one last game in the season.

The league is beginning to see that disappear though as a new trend is starting to spring up throughout the league.

This year two of the biggest names in the league will sit out their bowl games in order to find their way to the NFL.

Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are considered two of the top two running backs in this year’s NFL draft.

McCaffrey is the do-it-all back/returner/receiver who has been in the thick of the Heisman race for the last two years.

Stanford’s best player announced this week that he would not be participating in the Sun Bowl this year.

Instead, McCaffrey is focusing on the draft and has essentially left college football behind.

He followed the example of Fournette who is a tough back from LSU that decided last week to skip the Citrus Bowl and focus on the draft.

Both players have been getting a lot of hate about skipping their last games in their schools.

Much of the hate is coming from the schools and the bowls and the fans that wanted to see these players play in their last games.

They are saying that there is no loyalty among either of these players to their schools and that the passion for football just isn’t there.

When players sign with a program they are supposed to be there for everything from the start of the season until their bowl game.

At least that is where the argument loses all traction as the NCAA is simply a way to get to the NFL.

These players really don’t owe much to their schools or the league because they never received anything from the schools or the league.

There is an argument that they received a free education but that argument has been torn apart plenty throughout the multiple issues that the NCAA has had in terms of pay for play in the league.

The fact is that these two players have given plenty to their teams including part of their bodies through the injuries and sacrifices they made.

For both of them, it might not have been completely alright but it was a means to an end as both are headed for a payday in the NFL in only a few months when the draft begins.

They could go to a bowl game but unlike many other players they really have nothing left to prove to any

Both are going to be drafted in the first round and both have put up plenty of tapes to be evaluated properly.

They have nothing to prove to anyone and so, the motivation to play in the bowl game is nowhere near as much as other players.

What makes this decision even easier is that both players saw what happened to Jaylon Smith last year.

The Notre Dame linebacker was considered one of the top linebackers in the NCAA and was going to be taken in the first round as possibly the first or second linebacker in the draft.

Then he went to the Fiesta Bowl and in the first quarter suffered a gruesome injury to his knee sending him out of the game.

That injury also destroyed his draft stock as he went from one of the best linebackers in the draft to a project that a team would need to wait on.

He has not played a down of football in the NFL yet and his career is still in jeopardy as he continues his recovery.

McCaffrey and Fournette saw that and know that an extra game is risky for both of them especially at the running back position.

Neither are in a major bowl either as the Sun Bowl and the Citrus Bowl is nothing close to the National Championship and they don’t mean anything in the grand scheme.

Yes, it sucks for the fans who don’t get to see the best players and for the schools and the bowls it is less of a highlight than they wanted.

But this is a show of a player taking some power back in a league that truly gives no power to the players and never has.

They made their choice and it could just be the start of a trend in the NCAA as the best players that have nothing to prove could drop out of meaningless bowls to save themselves for the NFL.


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