Wednesday Morning QB (Week 15)

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As this season began the NFL saw a number of teams looking to try to find a quarterback for the coming year.

Two teams had taken quarterbacks with the top picks in the draft and their fans were just waiting to see when they were going to make an impact on the league.

Philadelphia and Los Angeles had traded away their future to take Jared Goff and Carson Wentz as the future of their passing game.

The future of both quarterbacks would play out early in the off-season when more changes changed the league.

Another two teams were dealing with major injuries that saw their starters go down for significant periods of time.

Dallas would be forced to go with a rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott and a complete unknown, although it is working out well.

In Minnesota, young promising QB Teddy Bridgewater was set to miss the entire season leading to one of the most interesting moves before the season began.

The Vikings traded for Sam Bradford leading the Eagles to start their rookie quarterback.

Then there was the situation in Denver where they saw a legend walk away from the game as a champion.

Peyton Manning was retiring from the game and that left the Broncos with an interesting situation under centre.

They seemed to have the right back-up in Brock Osweiler who they had been grooming for years as the replacement for Manning.

But he was a free agent and the Broncos would need to sign him in order to follow through with their plan.

Osweiler had some bargaining power as he had started a number of games throughout the season when Manning was hurt.

He also replaced Manning in a few games after the veteran struggled through his final season.

Osweiler looked like the quarterback that the Broncos wanted him to be and they were ready to get going.

His bargaining power turned out to be much more than the Broncos anticipated through as a bidding war began surrounding the young QB.

Eventually, the QB-needy Texans won the bidding war paying Osweiler $72-million over four years to be their starter.

His decision left the Broncos in a tough spot with unknowns ready to take over leading them to eventually sign Mark Sanchez who lost the starting role to Trevor Siemian.

The bigger issues were the fact that the Texans shelled out so much money for an unproven

Osweiler showed some promise in 2015 but he didn’t carry the team throughout the season as he was more of a game manager while the defence was the best in the league.

He might have been more than that if the Broncos had been able to continue to work with him in their system.

This season it was clear that he needed more work and the Texans were not the team with the patience to develop him.

They wanted a quarterback that could come into their system and begin to turn the team around.

He was not that quarterback and despite the chances they gave him he couldn’t do enough to help them out.

After 14 weeks of struggling through his first season with the Texans, Osweiler lost his starting job.

The Texans went with Tom Savage for Week 15 and beyond as they try to win their division and avoid missing the playoffs.

They are still fighting but Osweiler has not been the reason that they have made it this far.

If they are going to make a run at the Super Bowl they will need a strong arm in the backfield and if Savage can prove to be that arm the Texans might have made the worst decision of the off-season.

They shelled out one of the biggest contracts of the off-season for an unproven quarterback in a mad scramble to find someone.

It is something that more than a few teams have fallen into in the constant search for a quarterback that they are willing to spend far too much for a chance at a good QB.

The Texans now have to deal with their decision and if Savage does become a good starter they will have wasted a big cheque on a benchwarmer.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

More Cheating in the East
The Patriots have been accused and found guilty of cheating multiple times but they are not the only team as the Giants are now on the hot seat after they broke the rules in using walkie talkies on the sidelines

No Fine for Zeke
This week Ezekiel Elliott proved that he is the driving force behind the Cowboys and he is having fun doing it as he scored a touchdown then jumped into a Salvation Army bucket on the sidelines but he won’t get fined which has some angry

Controversial Return
The Cowboys are having a great season but they will come under scrutiny when they welcome back Randy Gregory who has been out the entire year after multiple drug test failures


Key Scores:
Green Bay Packers 30-27 Chicago Bears
– Aaron Rodgers has claimed that the Packers will run the table and make the playoffs but they almost fell short as the Bears pushed them to the end forcing the Packers to kick a last-second field goal to win the game

Baltimore Ravens 27-26 Philadelphia Eagles
– The Ravens are still in the fight for the playoffs but they need a lot more wins to get there and they got one important one against the Eagles even if it did come by barely beating them to get a step closer to the playoffs

New England Patriots 16-3 Denver Broncos
– For the Broncos the chance of repeating as champions is quickly fading as they failed to put anything together against the Pats pushing them further away from the playoffs as the Super Bowl Hangover continues

Dallas Cowboys 26-20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
– The Cowboys continue to have a great season but they still can’t get their division as the biggest battle in the league keeps going even with their strong season as they will need at least another win to clinch the division

Next Week:
Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers (Saturday, December 24th; 1:00 pm ET)
– After a great start to the season, the Vikings have fallen off clinging to a small chance of making the playoffs while the Packers need this win with only two games left if they want to win the North

Indianapolis Colts vs. Oakland Raiders (Saturday, December 24th; 4:05 pm ET)
– The raiders are in the playoffs for the first time in a long time and now they are going for a division win as they need every win they can get to earn that top spot in the west including this one against the Colts

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, December 25th; 4:30 pm ET)
– Once again this rivalry means something as the Steelers and the Ravens fight for a playoff spot With Pittsburgh hoping that they can stay as a division leader and the Ravens hoping to at least find their way to the wild card

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys (Monday, December 26th; 8:30 pm; ET)
– Both teams are looking for their chance at the Super Bowl with the Cowboys guaranteed a spot but hoping to get a division title and the Lions trying to stave off the Packers in the fight for the North

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