UFC on FOX 22 Preview

ufc-fox22Women’s fighting has come a long way from a time when Dana White claimed that they were never going to make the UFC.

This past week the UFC added their third women’s division announcing a fight between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie for the first ever Featherweight championship.

It is another development in the evolving importance of the women in the UFC as they are truly becoming a building block for the world’s biggest promotion.

It all started with Ronda Rousey, who returns after more than a year away this month, as she became the biggest star in the UFC when the promotion created the bantamweight division just for her.

That led to some big names like Holm and Miesha Tate making the move to the UFC and building the women’s game into big business.

The UFC saw that and they made the strawweight division in order to bring more fighters into the fold with plenty of great potential in the division.

Now the featherweight division provides a potential door for the next biggest name in the women’s game, Cris Cyborg.

As the women continue to grow they continue to play a bigger role in the bigger picture of the promotion.

A key to that is the strawweight division that has become one of the best divisions in the promotion.

There is a dominant champion in Joanna Jedrzejczyk but the talent level is extremely deep to go along with the star power.

There are so many great fighters and plenty that might be able to challenge Jedrzejczyk at some point in the near future.

What might big bigger for the UFC as a leader of the sport is the fact that there are women who are in the division that could be massive stars as long as they back up their star power with fighting ability.

The UFC is constantly looking for stars that they can market in order to keep fighting close to the mainstream but it is always difficult as only winners can become stars but not all winners are stars.

It is a challenge to find these fighters because any type of investment can disappear in a matter of minutes.

Right now Conor McGregor and Rousey remain the big stars but there are a few, particularly in the strawweight division, that could become stars.

Two will face-off live on FOX as the world will get the chance to see two of the most talented fighters and two of the best personalities in the UFC.

In one corner will be possibly the biggest rising star in the promotion in Paige VanZant who returned from her stint on “Dancing with the Stars” with a big win against Bec Rawlings.

It was a needed win after her rise was halted slightly by Rose Namajunas in a brutal beating.

She looked great in her return and now with more non-fight fans knowing her name this is her chance to truly take over the UFC.mma-sidebar.fw

She will need to beat the woman in the other corner though as Michelle Waterson has been considered a star for years.

She is known as the “Karate Hottie” was long considered a great prospect as she ran through Invicta winning the atomweight title.

She then made her way to the UFC where she won her opening fight only to suffer from multiple injuries that have stalled her rise through the ranks.

Waterson returns for the first time in over a year as her promising career might finally be jumpstarted.

Both VanZant and Waterson have the ability to be stars outside of the octagon and VanZant is showing that with multiple interviews and her reality show appearance.

Waterson has yet to really have the chance due to her injuries but this will be her shot to take some of the shine from VanZant.

The best part of both fighters is that they certainly don’t lack the skills required to be great fighters.

VanZant has proven to be a very tough opponent after withstanding a tough fight against Namajunas.

She also has a well-rounded game coming from Team Alpha Male with no one aspect shining through but being great in most aspects.

Waterson was given her nickname for a reason and that is that she has been in karate her entire life.

As a result of that training, she has developed a well-rounded game and has the speed to get things done before her opponents realise.

The fight is a big one for both fighters as they both want to continue to rise through the ranks but bigger than that the UFC is hoping that a star emerges especially one that might be able to beat the champion.


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