NCAA Football Report (Week 15)

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The final week of the NCAA season is officially over as the annual Army-Navy game is in the books.

The final week of the season also means that the awards have been handed out and the best players in the country have been named.

That includes the biggest award of them all in the Heisman Trophy that was once again awarded the most valuable player in the NCAA.

This year that award went to Louisville QB, Lamar Jackson who put up over 3,000 yards through the air and over 1,500 on the ground all leading to a total of 51 touchdowns.

He took over the league this year and was clearly the best player in the country despite his less than great end to the season.

What is more interesting about the fact that Jackson won is that the Heisman continues to be one of the least predictable awards in sports.

Every year the experts have a name in mind as the favourite for the Heisman and they list the best competitors to knock out that favourite.

Every year it seems like someone comes out of nowhere to take over and a player from nobody’s list ends up winning.

In 2012 favourites included D’Anthony Thomas, Tyler Wilson, and Marcus Lattimore while nobody noticed a young kid from Texas A&M.

When the season ended Johnny Manziel took home the Heisman Trophy after an amazing season.

In 2013, Manziel was back this time as a favourite alongside Marcus Mariota and Braxton Miller before Jameis Winston took over the league and eventually won the Heisman.

It seemed to calm down in the last two years as Mariota took the award in 2014 after being a pre-season favourite alongside Winston.

In 2015 Derrick Henry won with some talk about him before the season began although he wasn’t necessarily a favourite to win.

This year certainly didn’t change the trend though as the preseason favourites were Deshaun Watson and Christian McCaffrey.

Then came Jackson who took over and is now the best player in the college football.

It is a strange part of the award as in most awards around any league there are at least a handful of people that can

They enter the season as favourites and although not all will remain favourites and there are always surprises more often than not the best players are the best players.

In the NCAA it is slightly more difficult as there are any number of teams that nobody is paying attention to when the season begins.

With so many teams the Power Five conferences and the biggest programs within them tend to get the focus.

That is often why it is slightly easier for these big teams to put together Heisman campaigns because they are the teams constantly on TV and constantly in the spotlight.

That is what it takes to be a Heisman winner as being great is a massive factor but if you are great with nobody watching there aren’t many that will care.

The biggest schools with the most on the line are generally the ones that will see their star players rise to the top.

That is why it is always interesting to see a program return to prominence thanks in large part to a great player who becomes a national star.

It can change things quickly just like it did this year as Jackson changed the way that the Cardinals were viewed.

It wasn’t as if they were a small program on the periphery but they were certainly not a team considered to be one of the best in the country.

The fact that Jackson suddenly started to make waves and scored more touchdowns than anyone else put them into the spotlight.

Louisville couldn’t make good on his performance as the Cardinals aren’t going to be in the playoff but they are going to the Citrus Bowl against the LSU Tigers.

This phenomenon seems to be happening more and more as those teams that aren’t quite at the top are lifted by one great player.

They find their way to the Heisman race and all of a sudden that team becomes one to watch throughout the season.

Even when they can’t make good on the potential the great player still gets that recognition.

It is something that wouldn’t have happened only a few years ago but now it is becoming more common than ever.

Online analysis and more TV coverage are a big factor in this new trend as more players and more teams are gaining exposure.

If a player is exciting enough they will be seen and so will their team so those unknown players are going to continue to be seen and continue to make waves as the Heisman has become one of the most unpredictable awards in North America.

Key Scores:
Army Black Knights 21-17 Navy Midshipmen|
– The annual Army-Navy rivalry once again ended the season but it was a slightly new script this time around as the Black Knights took their first win since 2001 ending a long win streak by the Midshipmen



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