UFC Fight Night 102 Preview

ufc-fn102To be honest the UFC’s heavyweight division has not been the most exciting over the past few years but that is not really news.

It has been talked about for a long time as the division that often leads the way has fallen to the wayside.

It is beginning to change though as Stipe Miocic is looking to breathe life into the division as the defending champion.

Still, when looking at the rest of the division there is a sparse number of true challengers that have worked their way up to being big names in the division.

Much of the top contenders have been top contenders for years with names like Cain Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum, and Junior Dos Santos all remaining in the top five.

As great as these fighters are the heavyweight division needs some new blood if they want to get back to relevance.

Miocic is a part of the new blood but he is just one piece of that puzzle and at UFC Fight Night 102 a few more fighters will hope that they can be a piece as well.

Although the top of the division has stayed relatively stagnant with the top fighters all remaining at the top there are fighters looking to take their spot.

In the second ever UFC fight in New York State, this time in the capital of Albany, four fighters will all look to move to the top of the rankings.

In the co-main event will be one of the most exciting heavyweight prospects in the UFC right now, in Francis N’Gannou.

The experience is certainly not there but he has come into the heavyweight division with something to prove.

In his three UFC fights, he has earned three straight knockout wins and although he is not a household name he has risen to the #12 spot in the rankings.

He will take on a more experienced fighter in Anthony Hamilton who has not been having the same success.

In his short time as a UFC fighter Hamilton is 3-3 after putting together a six-fight win streak in other promotions.

He wanted to be one of the top prospects in the UFC but couldn’t do it as he has been inconsistent.

A win against a rising star like N’Gannou could boost his stock in the division and make him another name to watch.mma-sidebar.fw

In the main event, two fighters that are quickly becoming fighters to watch will look to solidify their spot near the top of the heavyweight division.

Although he is a relative unknown in the UFC, Shamil Abdurahimov has risen up to be in the top 20 fighters in the division.

With two wins in his three fights in the UFC, he is becoming a fighter that others need to watch as he continues to pursue the top fighters in the division.

He has a tough task as he will take on possibly the most promising of the up and coming fighters Derrick Lewis.

Lewis has put together four straight wins including three knockouts and a decision win over Roy Nelson.

After 20 fights in his MMA career, Lewis is beginning to get noticed by the top promotion and is beginning to move up the rankings towards a title shot.

As the #10 fighter in the heavyweight division Lewis is close to getting that shot at a title but he will need more wins in order to get there.

A win in another main event will do a lot to get him there as he might finally break through among the old guard in the division.

A win won’t necessarily get him that title shot but it will likely get him a date with a member of those top fighters and give him that chance to earn a shot.

He won’t be alone in that pursuit at UFC Fight Night 102 as the heavyweights in the card are the future of this division.

They are all looking to break through and become the next top contender but they need to build up their resumes to do it.

Winning on this night could do that while winning impressively could be the difference for fighters trying to get noticed.


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