NCAA Football Report (Week 12)

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Pressure is a funny thing in every sport especially as the levels increase and the money only gets bigger.

In the NCAA Football is one of the biggest money earners for the bigger schools and despite all of the controversy surrounding that it is also a major motivating factor.

Much like professional sports, the NCAA is all about what the team can do for the school in terms of earning power and making the school look good.

In some places, these teams earn more money than some of the professional NFL teams and they are the biggest show in an entire state.

That can cause a lot of pressure for a lot of different people within the school and the football program.

When pressure increases decisions can be made out of fear rather than from making a good decision for the future of the program.

More often than not decisions are made to save someone own job without regard for how it can affect a team and a program in the long run.

Essentially, these decisions can lead to impatience and in the NCAA impatience is in no short supply as there are programs that have not been far removed from great seasons but they still want to win now.

In the NCAA it is not an easy thing to turn a program around as the entire turnaround of any team can be boiled down to the ability of a coach to convince great players to attend their school.

Finding a great coach can change things for any program and there are plenty of examples of that.

In Alabama Nick Saban took a proud program turned into a doormat into the most dominant program in the country over the last decade.

It is happening right now as Jim Harbaugh is turning Michigan back into ha national contender in only his second year as the head coach.

The Texas Longhorns were hoping that this turnaround was going to happen when they hired Charlie Strong as their head coach in 2014.

Strong had come from Louisville where he changed the program from an afterthought into a team that many top programs had to watch carefully.

The Longhorns saw what he had done and they decided to look to him to turn their program around after years of mediocrity.

It wasn’t always that way for the Longhorns as they were at the top during a golden age of college football where USC and Texas continued to compete with superstars on either side.

Then the success of the program seemed to get to the players and the coaches as the discipline throughout the program began making headlines.

They continued to get in trouble off of the field and that led to issues on the field as the team stopped being one of the top

As a result, the Longhorns began going through changes firing head coach Mack Brown and beginning a search for a new coach.

They decided on Charlie Strong as their head coach as the head coach of Louisville had helped to turn the Cardinals program around.

When he came to Texas he made a massive change throughout the program suspended a number of players due to issues off of the field.

The strategy did help the issues off of the field but the Longhorns suffered a losing season for the first time in a long time.

Since he took over the program has been relatively issue free in terms of off-field issues but they have not translated that success to the field.

Strong has yet to see a winning season since taking over the program and this year has been no different.

That is why the Longhorns have reportedly decided to fire Strong after their latest loss as they move on to someone else in hopes that they can get back to being a top team.

Impatience continued to reign in the decisions of the Longhorns as Brown was a legendary coach but instead of trying to get him to correct the issues they simply fired him.

Since then they have yet to have a winning season and with their new program, they continued to show impatience.

Strong was not a universally loved choice for Texas and after only three years his attitude change was beginning to take over.

He might not have had the success on the field but three years is rarely enough time to install a culture change with success on the field.

Texas is just another program desperate to win big games regularly and when they don’t have the success right away they often begin looking elsewhere to find someone to help lead them.

If Strong truly isn’t coming back next year it will just be another restart for a once dominant program and that is never the way to go to build a program.


Key Scores:
Houston Cougars 36-10 Louisville Cardinals #5
– The Cardinals were left out of the top four in the latest rankings but they were hoping to prove everyone wrong as they took on the Cougars but they couldn’t take advantage as they lost another game surely ending their playoff chances

#2 Ohio State Buckeyes 17-16 Michigan State Spartans
– the Buckeyes were right back into the hunt only a few weeks after losing their first game and they almost saw their second chance squashed as they barely got by the Spartans in a win that could send down the rankings but not out of the playoff

#10 Colorado Buffaloes 38-24 Washington State Cougars #22
– The Buffaloes continued to quietly make moves this year as they took another win against a ranked opponent to continue their time in the top ten with hopes of a major bowl in their future remaining intact

Oregon Ducks 30-28 Utah Utes #12
– The Ducks have not had the season that many have come to expect from them but that didn’t stop them from upsetting the Utes who were hoping to move up the rankings into a major bowl but won’t have much of chance now

Next Week:
LSU Tigers vs. Texas A&M Aggies (Thursday, November 24th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The SEC is constantly one of the top conferences in the league and that has continued this year with plenty of teams trying to find their way including this one as the Tigers try to move into a good spot for a bowl

Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (Saturday, November 26th; 12:00 pm ET)
– It has always been one of the biggest rivalries in the league and now it could mean the difference between making the playoff and missing out as the winner of this game will have an inside track on making the top four

Auburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (Saturday, November 26th; 3:30 pm ET)
– The Iron Bowl has produced some of the biggest moments in NCAA history and the Tigers are hoping to do the same this time around as a win against the Tide is sure to change the league and the rankings with time running out before bowl season

Washington Huskies vs. Washington State Cougars (Saturday, November 26th; 3:30 pm ET)
– This in-state rivalry means a lot more this time around as the Huskies still have a shot at the playoff and they will need a win against their rivals to get there while the Cougars attempt an upset that will end the Huskies’ chances

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