UFC 205 Preview

ufc-205There is no doubt that this year the UFC has seen some big fights but there may not be a bigger fight than the one coming up.

UFC 205 will be massive as it will be the first time that the UFC travels to New York City at the end of a battle that has been ongoing for years.

The UFC has always had a goal of fighting at Madison Square Garden and now they finally get to achieve that dream and check off one of the last big places on their host city list.

To kick-off their time in New York the UFC has pulled out all of the stops putting together a card that is better than their massive UFC 200 celebration.

They have put together great fight after great fight from top to bottom with important fights throughout the card.

There are three more important fights though as the last three fights will see a title on the line with some massive names and potentials for big changes in the UFC.

First up will be the fight that most believe to be the easiest fight to predict throughout the night.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk looks to continue her dominance as the strawweight champion against fast riser Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

After years of dominant champions, most of the UFC is now in flux with new champions being crowned every year.

Jędrzejczyk is the one holding on and she is doing it in a big way as she has dismantled everyone in her way.

Her biggest challenge was Claudia Gadelha who almost beat her before she had the belt but in their rematch, Gadelha wasn’t even close to the level of the champion.

Kowalkiewicz looks to end that dominance after winning her first three UFC fights against some of the best in the division.

It will be tough for Kowalkiewicz as Jędrzejczyk is one of the best strikers in the UFC and she has picked apart the best strawweight fighters in the world and nobody has come close to taking her belt away.

The result will either be the most anti-climactic end on the night or the biggest upset on the night.

Following the strawweights comes one of the most intriguing fights in recent memory between a newly crowned champion and the young fighter who many believe is the future of the welterweight division.

Tyron Woodley finally got his chance at the welterweight belt at UFC 201 and he took full advantage knocking out Robbie Lawler to take the belt.

Now he hopes to avoid being a one-and-done champion against Stephen Thompson who most people have just been waiting to see fight for the belt.mma-sidebar.fw

Thompson is a unique fighter in that he has a unique style that only a few fighters in the UFC have which for many is far too tough to figure out.

His karate style has made him one of the fastest risers in the UFC and most believed that it was only a matter of time before he earned the belt and kept it for a while.

He will look to do that against Woodley in a fight that seems to favour Thompson with his length and style making it tough.

Then again Woodley has tonnes of power which he showed in finishing Lawler and if he can land on Thompson it could be a short night for the up and comer.

After all of these big title fights, the biggest takes place as Conor McGregor looks to make history in the UFC.

He is already likely to drive the most pay-per-view buys and the biggest gate in MSG history but now he will look to be the first fighter to ever hold two belts at the same time.

Despite not fighting in the featherweight division since 2015, McGregor is still the featherweight champion and now he has his eyes set on the lightweight title.

To get there he will need to beat Eddie Alvarez, a fighter that is still not a household name despite beating Rafael dos Anjos to earn the lightweight title.

Most would look at the fight and think that McGregor is the easy choice to win but Alvarez is no slouch as the former Bellator champion has beat some great fighters.

He has the power that can end the night early and his wrestling base could give McGregor trouble as he has been exposed on the ground before.

Still, McGregor has that weird movement and strikes that come from everywhere which have ended fights before.

Either could win this fight and end the night of what should be an amazing card as the UFC heads to New York City for the first time ever.


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