UFC Fight Night 98 Preview

ufc-fn98It has been a rough few weeks for the UFC and that has become a pattern for the world’s largest and most popular promotion.

When there are no fights on people begin to talk about rumours and rumours become stories which then lead to much bigger discussions.

That is what happened after UFC 204 as the promotion began putting out fires almost immediately.

They announced that the promotion would be returning to Toronto and with that the rumours of a Georges St. Pierre return began.

Dana White squashed them saying that GSP has never really been a fighter and his heart was never in it which includes not being in it right now as he had never talked to GSP about a return.

Reports of negotiations were everywhere though and it seemed like White was not telling the entire truth but rather trying to play games with one of the biggest fighters in the history of the promotion.

It was a risky strategy and one that seems to have lost even more supporters, meaning has very little left.

Then the new owners decided to cut costs firing a number of long-standing employees and gutting the Canadian offices.

It was the first move under the new owners and one that concerned a number of fans who wondered if this will continue from a group that is not involved in fighting.

Then came the latest issue when Fabricio Werdum was suspended from his role as commentator after he made comments regarding the controversial Reebok deal.

After Werdum mentioned that he was losing a lot of money due to the Reebok deal, and he is far from alone, the UFC suspended him while keeping him on the UFC 207 card.

It has been rough for the UFC and it only added to a shift in the MMA landscape as Bellator continues to sign bigger names and continues to work their way into being a true competitor.

The focus was squarely on the UFC in their weeks off as they continued to make news for all of the wrong reasons.mma-sidebar.fw

So it is no doubt that they will be thankful that they get to return to talking about the fights that are coming up and there are some big ones.

In a week the UFC fights at Madison Square Garden for the first time ever with a massive card while Ronda Rousey makes her return at the end of the year.

To kick off a busy final two months though the UFC will travel to Mexico where an understated lightweight fight will headline the UFC’s return.

On one end of the octagon will be the former champ fresh off of his title loss to Eddie Alvarez looking to get back on track towards the title that nobody thought he would lose.

The other side of the octagon features a fighter sure to be a favourite of the Mexican fight fans and one of the sneakiest lightweights in the division, Tony Ferguson.

Despite not being as active over the last year, mainly due to injuries to his opponents, Ferguson has put together one of the most impressive winning streaks in the UFC.

The fight is not getting the attention that many do and that is mainly because of the two fights that are coming up at 205 and 207.

With a stacked card at 205 and the first time in a legendary arena like MSG, the UFC is focused on their biggest fight.

So are most people and it has become a card that every fight fan wants to see and it is followed closely by the New Year’s fight where Rousey returns to fight for the bantamweight title.

Both of these fights made headlines over the last few weeks and they remain two of the biggest cards on the UFC schedule.

Despite the lack of focus on the fight, it is a big fight for the lightweight division with two of the best fighters in the division facing off.

Whoever can win this fight will likely find themselves very close to a title shot if it doesn’t get them a title shot right away.

It is not a bad way to kick-off the end of the year for the UFC as they put on a great fight between two fighters in what is still one of the best divisions in the promotion.


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