NCAA Football Report (Week 9)

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Week 9 in the NCAA was a more important week than most which aren’t usually the case for many leagues.

Only nine weeks in most leagues are just preparing for the playoff hunt to begin but for the teams in the NCAA, it was the beginning and the end for a number of teams looking to make the playoffs.

This week marked the last time that anyone really takes a look at the AP Poll or the Coaches Poll as it will be the first week that the CFP committee meets to come up with the first CFP rankings.

The College Football Playoff rankings are the only rankings that really matter in any season.

They are the rankings that will determine the playoff at the end of the year and although they take into account the other rankings it is the committee.

This group made up of football and school officials make all of the decisions for the coming weeks and in the end, their opinions are all that matters.

When the first rankings come out some teams will find themselves in a great spot as they will be at least within striking distance of the top four.

These teams all have a shot at making it to the playoff especially with some of them meeting each other in the coming weeks.

These match-ups between top ten teams whether in the regular season or in championship games will be the teams finding themselves in the playoff.

With the first rankings coming, the teams that have a chance get a lot more clear than they are right now.

The top teams in the country will likely remain there as the big programs who have remained undefeated or are only one-loss teams will stay at the top much like they are in all of the rankings right now.

Where things could get interesting is all of the smaller programs that have worked their way to the top of the rankings right

They will all be watching closely as they hope that the committee takes a look at their program and decides that it is worthy of being near the top programs.

Programs like Washington and Louisville are not necessarily the smallest programs in the country but they are not programs that have had a lot of time in the limelight recently.

Through the BCS era and into the CFP era they were regularly ignored when it came to the top of the rankings.

Now both are sitting near the top of every ranking with some Heisman hopefuls leading the way.

The two teams are both having great years and for the voters, in the other polls, they belong at least within striking distance of making the playoff.

Come Tuesday the committee will decide whether these two teams truly do belong near the top of the rankings and actually have a chance at making the playoff.

Although the current rankings have both teams near the top the committee could have a different opinion and they may push them further down the rankings.

If that is the case both teams will need to do a lot of work in the last few weeks while getting some help if they hope to find themselves as the surprise team in the playoff.

Then again, the committee could look at their seasons and determine that they do belong near the top making life a little easier for either team to make the playoff at the end of the year.

The committee will make a lot of dreams come true this week while others will be crushed.

Week nine was the last time that any of these teams had to make an impression before the first rankings.

There is a lot of football to be played and there will be more movement throughout the rankings.

This week will be the first time that the most important rankings come out and that can be a big blow to a season or a big boost.

They are the only rankings that matter and the impressions made in the first nine weeks of the season will finally come to fruition as the fight for the playoff begins now.


Key Scores:
#2 Michigan Wolverines 32-23 Michigan State Spartans
– It was an early rivalry game for the Wolverines who had found themselves in the top two after last week as their ins-state rivals were looking to end that time on top but they couldn’t do it with the Wolverines taking the win

#3 Clemson Tigers 37-34 Florida State Seminoles #12
– The early battle for the ACC never disappoints as the Tigers looked to try to stay among the top teams in the playoff with the Seminoles trying to get back into that competition with a big win over a top team but they came up just short

#11 Wisconsin Badgers 23-17 Nebraska Cornhuskers #7
– The Badgers were looking to make their mark this week as they continued to climb up the rankings with great performances and they did exactly what they needed taking the win against a Big Ten rival to show that they can be contenders

#14 Florida Gators 24-10 Georgia Bulldogs
– The World’s Largest Cocktail Party was underway again as the Gators looked to continue their time among the top 15 in the country by beating their long-time rivals as the Bulldogs just didn’t have it this year

Next Week:
Western Michigan Broncos vs. Ball State Cardinals (Tuesday, November 1st; 8:00 pm ET)
– Western Michigan is sneaking up the rankings every week and they get an early start to the week hoping that they can play as a part of the first CFP rankings while they look to get a MAC win that could help them continue to move up the rankings

Florida State Seminoles vs. NC State Wolfpack (Saturday, November 5th; 7:00 pm ET)
– For the Seminoles, the season hasn’t gone exactly as they were hoping with more than one loss putting them out of the hunt for the playoff and now they just look for a good bowl to be a part of as they take on a team that has given a lot of top teams issues this year

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (Saturday, November 5th; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Buckeyes continue their comeback trail as they get into the heart of the Big Ten schedule looking for a win against a good Nebraska team that is trying to keep their on championship hopes alive after a tough loss

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. LSU Tigers (Saturday, November 5th; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Tide get back to it as the only team that seems to be guaranteed a spot in the playoff and after their bye, they look to be even better as they take on the Tigers but every SEC game can go anyway which is what the Tigers are hoping for

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