MLB Week in Review (October 21-27)

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The World Series is officially underway with two teams desperate for a championship trying to break the two longest streaks in the MLB.

It has been talked about plenty leading into the World Series and even heading into the season when the Cubs were seen as the best bet to win a World Series title and break their century-long drought.

The Cubs made it alongside Cleveland who holds the second longest drought in the MLB.

One of these teams will end the season as the team with the longest losing streak in the MLB while the other walks away with the trophy their fans have been waiting to get for generations.

The match-up makes up the perfect storm for whichever team can get the four wins they need to take home the title.

There is a perfect example of what that storm looks like in Boston when the Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino and won the World Series in 2004.

It was a huge lift for the city of Boston as they had gone a long time without a championship but always loved their team and came out to support the Red Sox.

When they won the World Series the city went crazy and the fans filled the street to celebrate.

It was the beginning of Boston being a great sports city and since their win in 2004, they have never looked back remaining one of the top teams in the league.

For Cleveland and Chicago, this could be what comes next as both cities have been waiting a while for a championship.

In Cleveland, it was a very long time that the city saw a championship until this past year when the city began a winning streak in championship games.

They have a chance at another one with three more wins in the World Series to complete the resurgence of Cleveland as a great sports city.

In Chicago, the wait hasn’t been nearly as long for the entire city with the White Sox getting a World Series title in

The White Sox broke their own streak in the league and a streak for the city but the Cubs have always dominated the city.

They have been the lovable losers for so long that it can sometimes seem like they are the only team that matters in Chicago.

That isn’t exactly the case but the Cubs are still that legendary team with some of the richest histories in the league and have become known for being the team that almost everyone wants to cheer for because they have lost for so long.

Both of these cities are in different spots right now as they are part of cities on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Cleveland is in the middle of what is likely the best time in sports for the entire city.

Chicago has seen its share of champions over the last decade but they have been waiting for a baseball team entrenched in their city’s history to finally win a championship.

For Cleveland, a win would continue the celebrations that have been going on since the Cavs won the NBA title last season.

It will continue to make Cleveland the best sports city right now and will make sure the long-suffering baseball fans in the city finally get the championship they have been waiting for.

In Chicago, a Cubs win could just shut the city down for a week as the celebrations are sure to go on for a very long time.

The longest-suffering fan base will finally see their championship and the stories of those fans that have been through more than their fair share of losing seasons will come out.

For baseball, this is as close to the perfect World Series that they could get this year aside from maybe having the Red Sox play the Cubs.

Two fan bases that have been waiting a long time are ready to celebrate but they have at least three more games to wait before the party can start and one city turns into the greatest place a sports fan could be.

Extra Innings
(More on this week in baseball)

Nickname Debate
With Cleveland in the World Series, their nickname and secondary logo have come under fire and the MLB is taking notice as they will meet with the team to discuss the “Chief Wahoo” logo although for many they need to have a conversation about their team nickname

Bad Revelations
The death of Jose Fernandez crushed the baseball world as the young pitcher still had so much left to give but the circumstances of his death are becoming less and less positive with evidence of everyone on the boat that night drinking which could have led to the crash

Rising Prices
The Cubs will be set to host their first World Series games since 1945 but unfortunately for the fans that have been waiting decades to see it the prices have skyrocketed leading to many diehard fans being forced to miss the games

Schwarber Unfit
The Cubs took a risk in allowing Kyle Schwarber onto their roster despite his injuries but it paid off in Game 2 although it has now become a bit of a waste as Schwarber is not fit to play in the outfield leaving him as a pinch hitter for the next three games


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