Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 18)

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The CFL season comes to a close with two weeks left in the season and every playoff spot determined.

There isn’t a lot more to play for besides some positioning as the western teams all look to stay in the west rather than deal with the crossover.

Meanwhile, other teams are simply looking to next year and others are trying to find the best way to the Grey Cup.

There is always one sure-fire way to find yourself in the Grey Cup though and that is to play your best football as the season comes to an end.

The hottest team in the league usually finds their way to the top of the league at the end of November.

Now every team is trying to get that hot streak going before the playoffs begin with the return of quarterbacks and adjustments to be made every playoff team is trying to begin playing their best football with two weeks left.

If a team can get on a hot streak they may just have the inside track on a trip to Toronto.

They will need that hot streak as well with the road to a championship running through the Calgary Stampeders.

The Stamps have been the best team in the league all year as they rose to the top of the west from start to finish and heading into the playoffs they still look like the best team in the league.

They will remain favourites to win it all this year as the playoff start with the Stamps sitting on top of the league.

As the season closes out though the Stamps are in an all too familiar spot as they face their final week in Week 19 with a decision to make.

It is a decision whether to start all of their best players in a game that means relatively nothing in the big picture or to sit all of their best players for the final week of the season.

That decision has been made almost every year in almost every league with teams entering meaningless games worried about the health of their teams headed into the playoffs.

Generally, it is not too tough of a decision but factor into the decision that momentum can be a killer in the playoffs and everything gets a little more complicated.

This year the decision is that much more complicated for Calgary as they enter a very strange week.

There are two weeks left in the season but the Stamps have one final game giving them a bye in the final week.

They will also enjoy a bye in the first round of the playoffs giving them two full weeks without football before they play in the Western Finals.

They may not necessarily be the hottest team in the league right now but they are playing at a different level than anyone else and taking two weeks off is a tough way to continue that level of play.football-sidebar

Making it three weeks will not make it any easier as taking this last game off could make it very tough to get back into that mode when the western finals are set to get underway.

If that wasn’t motivation enough the Stamps are one win away from matching the all-time record for most wins in a season and the record for best winning percentage.

The Edmonton Eskimos won 15 games in 1989 when they went 16-2 earning 32 points and a .888 winning percentage.

This year the Stamps are 15-1-1 with a .911 winning percentage and 31 points with one game left.

Another win would give them the most points ever and the best ever winning percentage essentially making the best team in CFL history, at least in the regular season.

They need another win and it is not necessarily the toughest game they will play as they face the Montreal Alouettes.

Sitting their top players might give them the win but playing their best makes it much more likely.

They could break records with another win and stay as hot as they can by playing their last game and not taking three weeks off.

The regular season is coming to an end and every team is trying to come into the playoffs playing their best football.

That includes the best team in the league and the decision they make for a meaningless game in Week 19 could be the most important decision they make all year.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

On the Comeback Path
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are in the playoffs after beating the REDBLACKS in overtime and they may just get a boost to end their season as Zach Collaros seems to be ready to return to the lineup just before the playoffs

Beginning of Usports
The CIS has long been the feeder system for the CFL and there has been a long-lasting relationship between the two making the rebranding of University sports into Usports big news throughout Canadians football

Finding a QB?
The Montreal Alouettes have been searching for a quarterback since Anthony Calvillo left and they have gone through their fair share with the latest being Vernon Adams Jr. who looked good in his first time starting as the Als hope he becomes the answer


Week 17:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 39-36 Ottawa REDBLACKS (OT)
– For the second week in a row, these two eastern rivals faced off with the REDBLACKS hoping to solidify their spot on top of the East but the Ti-Cats fought back in the game and won in overtime to clinch a playoff spot

Calgary Stampeders 31-13 Toronto Argonauts
– The Argos came into the game with a little life for their playoff hopes but by the half, the chance was gone as the Stamps once again ran through a Toronto team even with Ricky Ray back under centre

Montreal Alouettes 19-14 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Als went with Vernon Adams Jr. to see what he might be able to do for them and he showed that he could be the answer they have been waiting for as he led the Als to a win against Saskatchewan that was all about the future

BC Lions 32-25 Edmonton Eskimos
– Once again Jonathan Jennings took over and kept the Lions out of the crossover as the Eskimos took a loss ending their hot streak and ensuring their spot in the crossover as they will travel east for the playoffs

Week 18:
Edmonton Eskimos vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Friday, October 28th; 7:00 pm ET)
– It could be a preview of the eastern semi-finals as the Eskimos are set to take on the east in the crossover while the Ti-Cats are still fighting to try to get first place but a win by Edmonton could end those hopes and set up a rematch between these two only two weeks later

Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Saturday, October 29th; 4:00 pm ET)
– The REDBLACKS look to try to get closer to first place in the east in their second last game of the year while the Bombers are trying to get a home date in the playoff with a win that can keep them at least on pace with the Lions

BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saturday, October 29th; 7:00 pm ET)
– For the Riders the season has been over for a long time but they have been playing for next year and they will continue to do just that as they try to end their season on a high note while the Lions are trying to get a home date in the playoffs as they are in a tough battle with the Bombers for second in the west

Calgary Stampeders vs. Montreal Alouettes (Sunday, October 30th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Stamps are playing for nothing but a spot in the history books as a win could make them the best team in CFL history while the Als try to upset the best team in the league with their new quarterback in his second start

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