Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 17)

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With only a few weeks left a lot of teams are figuring out their fate in the season as two teams have been officially eliminated while the crossover has come into effect.

The league will see four western teams in the playoffs this year while only two eastern teams will see a chance at the Grey Cup in Toronto.

The situation has brought up some interesting last few weeks as the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats will continue to fight for the last spot in the eastern playoffs with the Ti-Cats simply needing a win to get one step closer to the Grey Cup this year.

When the season ends things will get even more interesting as the pursuit of the Grey Cup will have plenty of good teams all trying to earn that championship and the potential of an all-western final.

That is only for those teams still in the hunt for the playoffs as they continue their pursuit of a championship with the playoffs right around the corner.

For other teams, it is about time they start thinking about the future rather than this season.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Alouettes don’t have a shot at the playoffs this year with both of them officially eliminated with a few weeks left in the season.

As they look towards the future they seem to be on different ends of the spectrum.

There are the Riders who changed everything last offseason when they brought in Chris Jones as their GM and head coach.

His first season in charge didn’t go so well but he had much of the same experience in Edmonton when he became their head coach.

The Riders didn’t look great all year but their last few weeks have looked much better giving plenty hope for next season.

Jones is familiar with this exact pattern and it did eventually lead to a Grey Cup in Edmonton.

He hopes to do the same in Saskatchewan and if they continue their development from the end of the season into 2017.

They may not make the playoffs this year but they still have a lot of hope for future seasons after the way they are finishing.

The Montreal Alouettes are in a different position though as they are entering the end of the season with plenty of unknowns.

They came into this year the same way as the quarterback position was up for grabs and their GM was sitting in as the head coach.

Everyone knew that they would need to find a quarterback and make him their starter and that eventually, a new coach was going to take over.

It didn’t go according to plan though as they never really set on a quarterback going with Kevin Glenn most of the season then switching to Rakeem Cato with mixed reviews.football-sidebar

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Jim Popp remained their head coach until eventually the pressure to leave the sidelines forced him to go and bring Jacques Chapdelaine to the head coaching position.

Their offseason will be spent trying to get some consistency on their team as they will either look for a starter or name a starter early before the season begins.

On the sidelines, the search for a new head coach could make a lot of news as there are options out there.

They could always go with Chapdelaine as their head coach and stay give him the chance to lead the team.

There is also the chance for them to hand the reigns to Anthony Calvillo which has always seemed to be the plan although it might be too early for that decision to be made.

The most exciting for all Montreal fans though is a potential return of Marc Trestman who was fired from Baltimore two weeks ago.

Trestman might find another job in the NFL but the Alouettes would love to have the coach that brought them multiple Grey Cups back and what better match-up would there be than Trestman and Calvillo as the brain trust for the offence.

Neither the Riders nor the Als are not moving on any further this year but they will look to the future with different outlooks for each team.

That is where they sit while everyone else looks to the playoffs with only a few more weeks to go in the regular season.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Esks Fined
Jason Maas and the Edmonton Eskimos refused to wear mics for an open mic game live on TSN and for the league, it was a step back in giving fans more access while refusing the wishes of the league and for that the Esks were fined

Dickenson Seeks Perfection
Dave Dickenson is continuing the great performance of the Stampeders as their head coach this year and his comments this week show why that might be happening as despite a fairly easy win over Montreal he was not happy with their performance

Lue to Riders
The Montreal Alouettes and the Riders might be headed out of the playoffs but they are still looking to improve as the Als traded Canadian defensive back Andrew Lue to the Riders for a draft pick


Week 17:
Ottawa REDBLACKS 30-29 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The REDBLACKS came into the game looking for Henry Burris to breathe new life into the team and he seemed to bring some fight as the Ti-Cats and REDBLACKS went down to the wire with Ottawa taking a playoff spot along with the win

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 35-32 BC Lions
–  The Blue Bombers continued to show that they are not a team to overlook a week after beating the Lions at home as they took a second straight win against the Lions to move ahead of them in the west standings

Saskatchewan Roughriders 29-11 Toronto Argonauts
– For Toronto, it was a chance to somewhat salvage a bad season as they hoped to end their home schedule with a win in their new stadium but fell short to a Rider team that had been playing better as the season comes to an end

Calgary Stampeders 22-8 Montreal Alouettes
– The Alouettes don’t have a lot to play for in this game but they did want to start figuring things out for next year although nobody has been able to figure out the Stamps this year as they continue their strong showing this year

Week 18:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa REDBLACKS (Friday, October 21st; 7:00 pm ET)
– After only losing by one point in Week 17 the Ti-Cats are hoping to get some revenge against the REDBLACKS in Ottawa and will look to get the win and a playoff spot to ensure their fight for the Grey Cup continues

Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders (Friday, October 21st; 9:00 pm ET)
– The last time these two teams faced off the Argos were entirely out of the game but they will hope to wake up as a loss against the Stamps officially ends their bid at a home Grey Cup this year

Montreal Alouettes vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saturday, October 22nd; 4:00 pm ET)
– The Riders and Alouettes are the worst teams in the league this year but the Riders are not playing like it as of late with great performances wherever they go and they try to continue that in Week 18

Edmonton Eskimos vs. BC Lions (Saturday, October 22nd; 7:00 pm ET)
– Both Edmonton and BC are in the playoffs but they might be fighting to stay out west as a loss in this game could mean falling to the crossover and having to go east to play in the playoffs as both teams try to stay in the west

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