NCAA Football Report (Week 7)

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The NCAA is a league that tends to love their underdogs because in the NCAA an underdog can entirely change a season.

One win by a team that never should have won can change the face of an entire season for more than just one team.

That is why the NCAA is so exciting as on any given week an unknown team with no chance at the playoff can make a massive impact on the playoff.

It has always been the best part of the NCAA and this year has been no different as some smaller programs have already made their impact on the playoff and changed the way most people viewed the season.

Although the underdogs are always entertaining and provide drama throughout the season there is also something to be said for the dominant teams in the league.

They aren’t as fun to cheer for and they often find themselves as the most hated teams in the country.

They rarely come into any game as an underdog and despite the odd loss to a smaller team they usually take those wins by massive scores.

Generally, these teams are not really that much fun to watch as they roll over other teams and easily get championships and awards.

It is not as interesting when these teams face-off against everyone else but what can be exciting is thinking about what could happen in the near future.

That is what should be getting everyone excited this year as two teams are beginning to really make their case for the National Championship and what could be an amazing game.

This week both Alabama and Ohio State were set to face some interesting teams that could have given them some issues.

For Alabama, it was Tennessee who was having a great year and seemed to just find ways to win games.

They weren’t expected to win but a lot of people had the Volunteers giving the Tide some kind of difficulty.

That wasn’t the case at all as the Tide easily got the win continuing their win streak against the Volunteers and shaking off all of the doubters who thought they might be challenged by another

For the Buckeyes, it was a very good Wisconsin team that had already proved that they could be contenders this year.

The Buckeyes didn’t walk all over the Badgers in the game but they did take the win and stayed undefeated on the year.

Neither game was the toughest game of the season for either team as those will come later in the year especially during rivalry week.

Still their great performances this week showed something, that neither team is going be taken out easily.

If they can continue their runs through the season both of these teams will head to the playoff as the top two teams in the country.

That is what should be getting fans excited as neither team will meet in the playoff until the national championship, should they continue to win, and that could be a great game.

Two powerhouse programs from the two most powerful conferences in the NCAA could meet in the final for an entertaining game.

That would mean that the last two national champions and the only two champions during the playoff era would meet at the peak of their power to determine the best team in the country.

They are on their way there and although there is plenty of season left for both teams the way they are playing could lead to a dream match-up in the final game of the season.

That essentially is what everyone wants too, as the underdogs are great but when they face-off against the best teams in the league for a national championship it rarely results in a great game.

Whereas if these two teams continue to do what they have done so far this year it could lead to an instant classic in January.


Key Scores:
#3 Clemson Tigers 24-17 NC State Wolfpack
– The Tigers were looking to take another easy win against an in-state rival but what they didn’t expect is to run into one of the top defences in the league right now as the Wolfpack gave them everything they could handle even if they still took the loss

#22 Arkansas Razorbacks 34-30 Ole Miss Rebels #12
– The Rebels and Razorbacks are not likely to win the SEC championship but they are still looking for some pride in their own division and a good bowl game with the Razorbacks getting the win and remaining in the top 25

North Carolina Tarheels 20-13 Miami Hurricanes #16
– Just when the Hurricane program was beginning to get back on its feet and possibly move into a significant bowl game position this year they fall to the Tarheels and lose all of their momentum taking a big loss

Syracuse Orange 31-17 Virginia Tech Hokies #17
– The Hokies entered another game looking to continue their move up the rankings before the playoff rankings are released but they couldn’t get by the Orange as Syracuse took an easy win proving that they should be a ranked team

Next Week:
NC State Wolfpack vs. Louisville Cardinals (Saturday, October 22nd; 12:00 pm ET)
– The Wolfpack have been a team that has given every team they have faced a run for their money and now they face the best team they will face all year with Lamar Jackson and Louisville trying not to fall into the trap

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (Saturday, October 22nd; 3:30 pm ET)
– The Tide got through what could have been a surprising team in Tennessee and now they face the best team they might face all year as the Aggies hope to upset the kings of the NCAA like they did only a few short years ago

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Auburn Tigers (Saturday, October 22nd; 6:00 pm ET)
– The Razorbacks are making their move up the rankings as they hope to enter the national conversation again with a serious bowl and to do that they will need to get by the Tigers who are looking for the same thing

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (Saturday, October 22nd; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Buckeyes have been great all year and are one of only a few undefeated teams in the country but whenever a team faces a rival it can be tough and that is what they have in Penn State who will try to end the great year

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