Wednesday Morning QB (Week 5)

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The NFL is in a constant battle that has become even more prevalent in the last decade than it ever has in other eras.

The battle is between two entirely different generations in a constant battle in every major sport league.

The new generation always seems to be getting bigger and they also seem to be getting better earlier.

There are far fewer players who enter the league entirely unprepared to play the game at the highest level.

Teams no longer have to wait to see their big draft picks make an impact on the league as they come in ready to play.

In the NFL the youth have taken over the league whether right or wrong and it can be seen at the quarterback positions more than anywhere else.

Every team is looking for a young quarterback that can lead them into the future and make them Super Bowl champions.

Every year at the draft more young quarterbacks are taken with the hope that they are the answer either for right now or for the future.

Not all of them work out and more often than not the ones with the most hype tend to fall short of their expectations.

This year has been no different as the league drafted a number of quarterbacks for multiple roles.

Some were taken to be the starter sooner rather than later while others were taken simply as projects while they sat behind more experienced quarterbacks.

What has changed this year is the amount of issues and decisions made to put these rookie QBs in the starting roles.

Carson Wentz may have been picked near the top of the draft but he seemed to be headed for the backup role.

That was until the Eagles traded Sam Bradford leaving nobody but Wentz to take over and his season has been pretty good with some big mistakes.

Jared Goff was also selected at the top of the draft but so far he has not seen the field for the Rams sitting on the bench so far this year.

Cody Kessler was selected by the Browns who essentially wanted to see what they had as they kept him low on the depth chart.

Then injuries devastated the position and Kessler was thrown into the fire with one of the worst teams in the league.

Not all of these were a part of the plan but in Dallas, nothing like what has happened was supposed to be in the cards.

They have had one of the better quarterbacks in the league in Tony Romo, despite what many think of him, but he was getting up in age.

So they drafted Dak Prescott to be the heir apparent to Romo. For Prescott, it was the perfect situation as the young QB could sit and learn behind a veteran in one of the toughest markets in the league.

He could figure out the offence and figure out how to deal with the pressure before he had to take

Then Romo was hurt in the last preseason game and all of a sudden the future of the position in Dallas had to take over the position.

It was not what the Cowboys wanted to do but so far the experiment has worked out well for them as Prescott has actually done well in his new starting role.

He has arrived much earlier than anyone thought that he could and has started to take over the starting role.

Now the Cowboys have a decision to make as they must look into their quarterback situation and make a choice.

Romo is set to return and when he does they have said that he will return as the starter with little hesitation.

Then again Romo has been spending a lot of time on the injured reserve lately and he is not getting any younger.

Some major injuries have stalled his seasons and with them the Cowboys’ hopes of getting to the Super Bowl.

With Prescott, they might struggle at some point soon but their future quarterback could get a season under his belt and begin a long time as the starting QB.

Then again Romo is the more experienced quarterback and when he stays on the field he makes a massive difference for the Cowboys.

Dallas has a decision to make and it all comes down to a constant debate for every team as the new era of players looks to take out the old with teams trying to make the right call every year.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

Kaepernick in the Lineup
The San Francisco 49ers continue to struggle through this year and with struggle comes change as the team has decided to start one of the most controversial figures in the league right now with Colin Kaepernick getting the start next week

Hardy’s New Career
Greg Hardy is out of the NFL and hopefully will stay out after his multiple issues with domestic violence but apparently now he has found a new sport as he plans to begin an MMA career with hopefully not many taking him seriously

No Fun League Strikes Again
The NFL has a bad reputation of taking away all that is fun in football and this week that included access to highlights during games as the league passed a new rule not allowing teams to share highlights during games


Key Scores:
Arizona Cardinals 33-21 San Francisco 49ers
– The Cardinals have not had the best start to their season despite their expectations but they are trying to climb back which started with a big win against their division rivals as the Niners continued to struggle

New England Patriots 33-13 Cleveland Browns
– For Patriots fans this was the moment they were waiting for as they saw the return of Tom Brady and he returned with a big game as he wanted to make a statement and he did against the Browns

Minnesota Vikings 31-13 Houston Texans
– The Vikings remain a team to beat this year as they took yet another win to stay undefeated while the Texans did not look great throughout the game as they look to the future to try to figure things out

Green Bay Packers 23-16 New York Giants
– The talk heading towards the Sunday Night game was all about Odell Beckham and despite his touchdown drought ending the Giants offence couldn’t get through the Packers defence who took the win

Next Week:
San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday, October 16th; 1:00 pm ET)
– It is the first start for Colin Kaepernick as the quarterback who made headlines for kneeling during the anthem gets his chance to prove that he can still light it up as he gets his first chance to start again

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington (Sunday, October 16th; 1:00 pm ET)
– Carson Wentz finally looked like a rookie in his last game but he hopes to get past that big mistake against Washington where he will be tested by a good defensive backfield as he hopes to get back to winning

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints (Sunday, October 16th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Panthers are right in the middle of a serious Super Bowl hangover with only one win all season while the Saints are struggling as well and both teams looking to get their second win this year

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (Sunday, October 16th; 4:25 pm ET)
– The Packers are not the dominant team they have been in years past but the defence has proven to be a good group as they take on the Cowboys who have a very important decision coming up in their season

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