Wednesday Morning QB (Week 4)

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The fourth week of the regular season of the NFL is not necessarily one that inspires a huge amount of interest.

The season has just started and the playoff race is far in the distance with the true football season just beginning to take over.

This week was slightly different for a lot of reasons as the performances were unbelievable from more than just one player.

Another player broke down with questions about his maturity beginning to take over and the NFL had their first game outside of the USA for this year.

It was a pretty eventful week in the league but for one group of fans, this week was the end of a period where they were biting their nails every week.

The New England Patriots have been one of the best teams over the past decade with dominant performances and multiple championships.

They have had one of the best owners, coaches, and quarterbacks in the league during that time.

For that, they have also become one of the most hated teams in the league, mainly because they are extremely boring and they constantly win.

Nobody likes those teams that just continue to win game sand championships but for the league, it has always been a different attitude.

The league loves teams that win because not only do they get haters but they get plenty of fans.

The Patriots have never been known as a team that the league doesn’t like or want to succeed that is reserved for the Raiders unless you talk to Patriots fans recently.

That feeling, however wrong, is coming from the latest scandal in New England when the team was caught with under-inflated balls during the playoffs.

It was the second time the Patriots were the centre of a massive cheating controversy but this time, they went directly after the star quarterback in Tom Brady.

That was after other evidence seemed to lead to Brady asking the balls to be deflated.

The league didn’t really have hard evidence but when Brady broke his phone rather than pass it to the NFL during the investigation things got suspicious.

A battle between the NFL, NFLPA and Brady ensued as the league suspended him only to have that suspension overturned only to have it brought back for this year.

Essentially the league had suspended him for not cooperating with their investigation without admitting it and making it seem like they were suspending him for cheating without any

To some that made the Patriots the bad guys, although they will never be that, and for Brady, it might have just given him some extra motivation.

Week 4 marked the last week of the suspension and that is what might be the most interesting throughout the week of great stories.

The Patriots did well in the four weeks without him starting 3-0 on the season even after backup Jimmy Garoppolo was hurt and rookie Jacoby Brissett had to take over.

Even after Brissett was hurt in his first start but came back for Week 4, mainly because the Pats never signed another QB leaving Brissett without a back-up.

Brady’s return could be very timely too as their Week 4 game was not great as they dropped their first game of the season to the Bills who looked like a far better team than the Pats.

The thought in the first three weeks was simply that Bill Belichick’s system didn’t need a superstar it just needed a good enough quarterback.

Week 4 might have changed that thought though as they looked bad against the Bills.

With Brady’s return comes an offence that can do everything in the playbook and a quarterback that can make a difference.

What might be bigger though is that nobody has ever seen Brady looking to prove everyone wrong since his was a forgettable prospect.

He is sure to have some fire after believing he has been wronged by the NFL and after sitting at home for four weeks he wants to get back out there.

His response to the suspension could mean the difference to the Patriots this year as a fired up Brady is a scary Brady.

He may very well take over this year and the anticipation has all Patriots fans excited that Week 4 is over and their superstar is returning.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

Gordon Stepping Away
Josh Gordon has been out of the Browns lineup for the better part of two seasons with drug related issues and he will remain out after he made the decision this week to put football aside and enter drug rehabilitation

Bowman Done
The San Francisco 49ers have had one positive this year in their defensive play but now the leader of that defence is out as NaVarro Bowman suffered a season-ending Achilles injury that has gutted the Niners

Trouble with Bryant
It has always been a challenge to get Dez Bryant into the building for the Cowboys and it continues to be tough after his injury in Week 3 as he missed a meeting this week leading some to wonder just how many meetings the diva receiver has missed


Key Scores:
Jacksonville Jaguars 30-27 Indianapolis Colts
– The Jaguars are the unofficial team in London as they once again travelled across the pond for another game and took a great win against the Colts although many were quick to point out they still struggle to win in the USA

Atlanta Falcons 48-33 Carolina Panthers
– The Falcons had an other-worldly performance from Matt Ryan and Julio Jones who put up massive numbers in this match-up while the Panthers simply couldn’t keep up in what has become a theme for the defending NFC champions

Los Angeles Rams 17-13 Arizona Cardinals
– The Rams are looking to find a groove in their first year in a new city and they put plenty of people on notice as an early Super Bowl favourite in the Cardinals couldn’t take the win with the Rams coming out on top

Minnesota Vikings 24-10 New York Giants
– The Vikings were not expected to be this good especially after they lost Teddy Bridgewater but Sam Bradford is turning out to be a good addition as the Vikes stayed unbeaten this year with a big win against the Giants

Next Week:
New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns (Sunday, October 9th; 1:00 pm ET)
– Brady is back and he gets a relatively easy test in his first game after his four-game suspension facing the Browns who are the only winless team in the league thanks to poor performances and terrible luck

Houston Texans vs. Minnesota Vikings (Sunday, October 9th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Vikings will once again put their undefeated streak on the line against a good team in the Texans who will try to end the streak and get back to winning consistently after a stumble in Week 3

Atlanta Falcons vs. Denver Broncos (Sunday, October 9th; 4:05 pm ET)
– After their massive performance in Week 4, everyone is wondering what the Ryan-Jones connection can produce against one of the best defences in the league as the defending champs look to shut both players down

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers (Monday, October 10th; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Panthers have struggled all year to be the team they were a year before as the entire team has not performed up to par of their Super Bowl team although they will try to get there against the Bucs in Week 5

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