Speed vs. Power in Portland

ufc-fn96The UFC is in a place where they are looking to become more mainstream but they have a balancing act to perform while they do that.

The UFC is trying to put together fights where the people that don’t watch every fight and know every fighter will watch.

The problem is that the UFC only has a handful of big stars on their roster and those big stars cannot fight every week or even every month.

At UFC 205 the UFC is putting together the type of card that they want to see in every fight with big names all over the card.

It makes sense for that card as it will be the first time they will fight in New York and they want to make an impression to show that making MMA legal was a good decision.

Fighters like Conor McGregor are not all over this roster though and many of the cards that the UFC showcases don’t have those superstar names.

To try to fix this the UFC has begun bringing in big names that don’t necessarily have the right to be a part of a UFC card.

Wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, who was on steroids when he fought a few months ago, and CM Punk, who came into the UFC with a 0-0 record, are not fighters but they bring viewers.

This is the balancing act that the UFC must perform as these type of fighters bring in a lot of people to watch fights but for the fans of fighting they sour the relationship with the UFC.

Fight fans that watch every fight and know the fighters want to see fighters fight, they don’t want to see gimmicks that will be one and done.

The other fans who only watch the big fights want exactly that as they want to see big names and will tune in for fights that are just one and done fights as long as they know who is fighting.

For the UFC to grow they need these sports fans to tune into their fights and so they bring out the big names to fight.

They may be losing some of the fight fans though as these gimmick fights don’t do anything for the sport and for the UFC making them seem like they are pandering, which they are, to the popular culture.

UFC Fight Night 96 was not a fight that the sports fan would watch as it featured some of the lesser stars on the roster.

The card showed the difference between the regular fans and the true fight fans as this match-up was one that had the fight fans excited and everyone else ignoring the card.

John Dodson and John Lineker are two of the more exciting fighters in the UFC but not many people outside of the fight culture know who they are.

For the sports fan that doesn’t know everyone, it was a fight that is simply ignorable because they aren’t the names that most people know.

For fight fans, the match-up was a fight with the potential to be the best of the year as both fighters love to go all out and use their speed and power to finish fights.

Dodson represented the better speed of the two as he has the speed that has matched up against the fastest fighter in the UFC, Demetrious Johnson.

Dodson also has the power that made him one of the most powerful Flyweights in the division.

Lineker was better in that aspect though as he as the power to end a fight very quickly despite being a lighter weight fighter.mma-sidebar.fw

He may not have had the speed of Dodson but if he could catch Dodson the night might have ended pretty fast.

This match-up of power and speed made up a fight that most fight fans couldn’t wait to see.

There was sure to be a lot of action in the fight as Dodson was set to run around and get his shots off while Lineker wanted to stand and trade.

One was going to get their way and although the UFC might not have had a lot of the fair-weather fans watching the big fight fans were tuned in to see a great fight.

The strategy for both fighters was obvious from the start as Lineker stalked Dodson throughout the fight look to get those big shots.

Dodson used his great speed to avoid standing and trading with Lineker and he landed his own shots and moved.

That was the entire fight as it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been but it was a very close match where both fighters got their shots and earned some points.

When the fight ended it was tough to determine who had won the fight as Lineker seemed to control the pace while Dodson had a great time landing big shots.

The judges decided that Lineker’s control was the difference and gave him the split decision win.

It was bittersweet for Lineker who missed weight and won’t get his full purse for the win while Dodson took the loss and ended his run in the bantamweight division.

Lineker continued a strong start in the new division but will need to figure out his weight cut issues if he wants to be a contender.

For the UFC it wasn’t the fight that brought out everyone but it was a display of how divided the fans are in the UFC as the fight fans were certainly watching.



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