UFC Fight Night 96 Preview

ufc-fn96The lighter weight classes often get a bad rap for being nowhere near as exciting as the heavier weight classes.

It makes sense as heavyweights are clearly the kings of the knockout with heavy hands where in any fight there is a good chance that it is not going very long.

The power generally decreases as the weight goes down but the skill in the middle and lightweight divisions makes them some of the best to watch throughout the promotion.

When it gets below the lightweight division the power takes a much more dramatic drop-off and for many that means the fights aren’t anywhere near as exciting.

That isn’t necessarily the case though as the weight classes below lightweight may not have the power that the heavier weights but they do have something that the others don’t.

That other thing is pure speed which can make for more exciting fights than any of the other divisions.

The speed that these fighters possess makes fights go a mile a minute as the fastest fighters are great and coming in and out and throwing shots.

They may not get the knockouts that the heavier weight classes do but they do put on some great fights time after time.

In the UFC the lighter weight classes are also the weight classes with some of the best talent in one weight class.

There are contenders at every weight class and many move up and down through the weight classes to become contenders in new weight classes.

There are stars in every class in the UFC and what they bring to the table is just as exciting as the big heavyweights.

Although more often than not fights end in decisions there are fighters in the lighter weight classes who do have those heavy hands that go along with their speed.

At UFC Fight Night 96 two such fighters will face-off in a bantamweight fight that has a good chance of ending early.

John Dodson and John Lineker are two of the heaviest hitters in the lighter weight classes and they have faced some of the best in the world and rarely put on boring fights.

Dodson is one of the few fighters in the world that can match the speed of Flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson.

He also has the power that Johnson doesn’t have but his technical ability wasn’t up to par in the two fights that he took on the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.mma-sidebar.fw

Still, he remained one of the best flyweights in the UFC and after his latest loss to Johnson, he decided to move to a new division to begin making a run.

He started out with a knockout win against Manny Gamburyan and hopes to get two in a row against Lineker.

The Brazilian began his UFC career at Flyweight but after missing weight multiple times he moved up to the bantamweight division.

Even after three straight wins in the division, Lineker has not been able to find the respect he deserves but beating a name like Dodson would get him exactly that.

Lineker has the nickname “Hands of Stone” for a reason as he was always one of the stronger lighter weight fighters in the UFC.

With 13 knockouts in his career, Lineker has the power that nobody at the lighter weights has and he has shown it in the UFC.

Both fighters share something as well, they both love to push the pace and be aggressive in fights.

For that reason, this fight should be a great one as these fighters are a dream matchup for fight fans.

They will both be looking to finish the fight and with how fast this fight could go there may be a few potential knockout within the first couple of minutes of the bell.

Dodson and Lineker are two of the most exciting fighters in the UFC and that is despite the fact that they are part of the lighter weight classes in the promotion.

This fight may be overshadowed by the announcements for UFC 205 and the fact that the UFC is at the tail end of a busy few months but it is not one to miss.

The speed and power of both of these fighters make this fight a can’t miss even if it is just at bantamweight.


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