Wednesday Morning QB (Week 3)

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Last year one of the biggest stories in the NFL was the absolute blow-up when the Panthers took on the Giants.

That blow-up centred around cornerback Josh Norman and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in what was one of the lasting images of the year.

It started out innocent enough as Norman was looking to continue to prove to be one of the best corners in the game while OBJ tried to prove the opposite.

The two fought it out like any corner and receiver do on any given week but it certainly didn’t stay that way.

The match-up between the turn quickly turned more physical as the game went on and eventually they were starting to fight on the field.

Penalties were called and punches were thrown as Beckham Jr received a one-game suspension for a dangerous hit on Norman.

The incident was embarrassing for the league and linked the two players together forever.

For some, it showed that Beckham had thin skin and could easily be messed with while others focused on Norman’s ability to get under a player’s skin.

It only grew the legend of Norman for the last year as he had a great season against the best in the league.

In the off-season, Beckham looked to continue his development as a top receiver while Norman had a drawn out contract dispute with Carolina.

Eventually, Norman ended the contract dispute and found his way to Washington with a massive contract.

The contract wasn’t the only interesting part of the deal though as all of a sudden Norman was in the same division as his nemesis and was set to play Beckham twice in the season.

Although it might not have been the factor for him signing with Washington it certainly was a bonus for Norman who wanted to shut him down again.

In Week 3 the rivalry was the focus again as Washington took on New York and everyone wanted to see what was about to happen between the two players for the first time since last year.

The results were not nearly the same as Beckham broke 100 yards, he was held under 100 last year.

Still, Norman had an effect as Beckham still didn’t score a touchdown and the Giants took the loss.

Although neither player got into a fight on the field the effect that Norman had on Beckham was clear on the

That is where Beckham fought a losing battle against a kicking net when he hit the equipment with his helmet only to be hit back by the net.

It was a look into the psyche of the young receiver as for the second time in a row Norman had gotten to Beckham.

Whether it was the talk or the ability to make the plays keeping Beckham out of the end zone, Norman won the mental game.

It has become one of the big aspects of Norman’s game, even if he doesn’t get into the head of other receivers nearly as much as Beckham but the results of the game mean even worse things for Beckham.

He has all of the talent to be one of the best receivers in the game and he has shown it throughout his few seasons with the Giants.

What he seems to lack is the mental side of the game as he seems to let emotions rule him.

Football can be an emotional game but the best players in the league know how to control that emotion and use it rather than it using them.

Beckham doesn’t seem to have learned that yet as he has let his emotions control him every time that Norman steps on the field across from him.

Norman will not be the only corner to try to get into his head and he won’t be the only to succeed.

If Beckham can’t get his emotions under control the ability to shut him down will be shared by more than a few corners in the league.

The potential is there and if he can get his emotions in check he could rule the league as Eli Manning’s favourite target.

He will get another chance to do that this year as the Giants will face Washington again and Beckham will likely have to deal with Norman a lot in that game.

If he lets Norman get to him again it will only build on the reputation he has gained over the last two games against his counterpart.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on this week in the NFL)

Watt Down
The Houston Texans had a lot of promise heading into the season and at the centre of it all was their best player J.J. Watt but they might have to try to turn things around without him as a back injury could keep him out all season

Cutler Out?
Things have not looked great in Chicago for another year and it seems like patience is wearing thin with quarterback Jay Cutler as John Fox didn’t give airing endorsement saying he can’t guarantee that Cutler keeps his job

No Options
The New England Patriots see the light at the end of the tunnel as Tom Brady is set to return in Week 5 but while they wait they have some decisions to make after back-up Jimmy Garoppolo was hurt and his backup Tony Brissett hurt his thumb leaving uncertainty for Week 4


Key Scores:
New England Patriots 27-0 Houston Texans
– The Patriots are proving that the team is more than just one player as the Bill Belichick system is working regardless of who plays quarterback with rookie Jacoby Brissett leading a convincing win over the Texans

Washington 29-27 New York Giants
– Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman faced off once again but despite the much better game by Beckham the Giants couldn’t get the win and stay undefeated as Washington took the win, their first of the season

Minnesota Vikings 22-10 Carolina Panthers
– The Vikings are showing that they are truly a team to watch this year as Sam Bradford is proving to be a very important division with his second win in as many starts for the Vikings who stayed undefeated

Philadelphia Eagles 34-3 Pittsburgh Steelers
– The Eagles were not expecting to see Carson Wentz lead them on offence this year but circumstances led to the rookie taking over and so far he has been great as the young QB led the Eagles to a win against the Steelers and an undefeated season

Next Week:
Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Jets (Sunday, October 2nd; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Seahawks will enter a big game with questions at quarterback as Russell Wilson is expected to play but suffered a sprained MCL as he will need to be careful to not get hurt worse if he does play while the Seahawks want a win

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots (Sunday, October 2nd; 1:00 pm ET)
– Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick are polar opposites and since Ryan became a head coach he has given the Patriots problems as he hopes to do the same this week with a struggling Bills team that needs a division win

Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, October 2nd; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Raiders are the team that everyone was watching this year because they were supposed to be a young and talented dark horse and after two wins they get the biggest test so far against an undefeated Ravens team

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings (Monday, October 2nd; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Vikings are showing what they have this year and they hope to continue that pattern as Sam Bradford looks to get another win this time against the Giants who looked great except for their Week 3 performance

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