UFC Fight Night 95 Preview

ufc-fn95It was only a few short years ago that UFC President, Dana White claimed that women would never fight in the UFC.

He will never live that down as it wasn’t but a year later that he met with one of the biggest fighters in the sport who changed his mind.

Ronda Rousey essentially forced the UFC to change their stance on women’s fighting because she was just too good to pass up.

She had won every fight in her career all by armbar plus she had the looks to be a star in more than just the octagon.

She was the perfect package and for the UFC she was just too good to pass on so the UFC brought women into the promotion.

The women’s division has only spread since then as Rousey lost her first fight and new champions have been crowned.

Meanwhile, the bantamweight division gave way to the strawweight division and new stars were created.

The women’s divisions are now some of the best in the UFC with talent up and down the strawweight division and a constant rotation at champion in the bantamweight division.

The UFC is happy with their women’s divisions but fans are not nearly as happy as the people in charge of the promotion.

That unhappy attitude is making things look very familiar to the few short years ago when the UFC refused to entertain the idea of women fighting in the UFC.

Now the issue surrounds the creation of a third women’s division, a weight class above the bantamweights.

The entire reason for that is one fighter just like the demand that came to establish a female division, to begin with.

This time, it is less about the superstar power of the fighter and more about the utter dominance that this fighter has shown throughout her career.

Cristiane Justino is better known to everyone as Cyborg and she has simply been the best female fighter in the world ever.

As good as Rousey was and as dominant as she has been throughout her career she has not put in nearly as much work and has won nearly as many fights as Cyborg.

Her first and only loss came in her first fight in 2005 and since then she has rolled through everyone.

She made her biggest impact against Gina Carano in 2009 when she shocked everyone beating the fighter many considered to be unbeatable, after all, she was Rousey before Rousey even began fighting.mma-sidebar.fw

From that moment on she has been considered the best in the world and to this point, there isn’t much left for her to do as she is the champ at the best women’s promotion in Invicta FC.

Invicta was purchased by the UFC a few years ago and it has already been used as a feeder for the UFC.

There are a lot of fight fans that want it to become the feeder for a featherweight division with Cyborg leading the way.

The UFC is known for having the best fighters in the world and having Cyborg as a UFC champion only seems to make sense.

For now, the UFC is refusing to entertain the idea that a featherweight division would work but they do understand the demand to see Cyborg.

That is why they signed her to a unique deal that will give her the ability to fight in Invicta and the UFC at the same time.

The biggest issue is that there are no 145lbs fighters in the UFC and the promotion needs to find fighters that are willing to take on Cyborg either at her weight or a catchweight.

There aren’t many girls willing to do that though as even the top talent in the bantamweight division doesn’t want to fight Cyborg, although everyone would love to see Rousey and Cyborg fight.

She has found some opponents though, with her first fight ending predictably against Leslie Smith as Cyborg won easily with a first round TKO.

Now she gets her next opponent as she returns to the UFC against Lina Länsberg in another catchweight fight.

The fight is not necessarily the most exciting as Cyborg is expected to win again but what is more exciting is the fact that if she does win she begins to force the hand of the UFC.

People want to see Cyborg fight and if she keeps winning bigger fights are in her future and eventually an entire division, if history repeats itself.


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