CIS Football Report (Week 4)

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This week marked a big one for the CIS as it was the first time all year that CIS football was on television.

It was the start of a new feature on City TV where the network will broadcast a Game of the Week.

It is a big deal for CIS football as they are getting the exposure that they have not had in a long time on a fairly common network.

They are not being hidden on a network that requires an extra subscription or on a channel that not many people see or get.

They are on a major network in front of what could be a big audience where they might be able to gain some new fans.

It is a great step for the CIS but one that seems a little half-hearted in the execution.

This week marked the first of the so-called Game of the Week with four weeks already done in the OUA season and in the second week where the entire league was playing.

From this point they will only have three more games on the network going until October 15, they skip October 8, until they are no longer broadcast.

The deal ends two weeks before the playoffs when some of the best football is being played as teams look to find their way into the playoffs.

It seems as though the new network is taking a chance on CIS Football and waiting to see just how successful they might be in broadcasting the games.

There is always a chance that this truly becomes a game of the week and they choose a game every week to broadcast throughout the country, right now there are three OUA games and one AUS game.

The fact that they are one TV is a big move for the CIS with big games that have turned out to be good in the past, most notably the third incarnation of the Panda Bowl.

It has been one of the main issues for the CIS over the years as they lack the exposure that can make them a bigger player in the sports landscape throughout the

Looking at the environment south of the border isn’t entirely fair as football is on a different level and always will be.

Still, there are some similarities and seeing how big the NCAA is should give the CIS the hope that they can be bigger than they are.

They will never be as big as the NCAA and probably will struggle to be as big as the CFL in certain areas but the fact is the CIS is a good brand of football.

The players are not the best and the teams are not multi-million dollar franchises but that is what makes it so much fun to watch.

There are mistakes made and big plays that cause massive shifts in momentum throughout any game.

It can be an exciting brand of football and leads to one of the major trophies in Canadians sports, the Vanier Cup.

Part of the problem has been the CIS themselves not really pursuing a broadcast deal that was going to help them.

The deal they signed with Rogers Sportsnet made no mention of broadcasting regular season games leaving only the playoffs as part of their coverage.

It was a step back after The Score had been the home of CIS football with games every week.

They went years without any football on TV and only the big playoff games being shown rather than the lead up to those playoff games.

This new agreement with City TV could be big for the CIS and football as they might finally have a good home to showcase the players and the teams in the league.

If this is the start of something the CIS has a home where they can begin to grow the sport throughout the country.

If this test fails and City only ever shows four games then the CIS will not be able to grow as much as they should.

It will be an interesting thing to watch for the future but for now, CIS fans can enjoy three weeks with big games on TV.


Key Scores:
Saint Mary’s Huskies 32-27 Mount Allison Mounties
– The Huskies were finally back on the winning track as they showed everyone that the AUS is not going to be as easy to predict coming out on top of the Mounties who have been one of the best teams over the last few years

Calgary Dinos 20-19 Saskatchewan Huskies
– The Huskies have been having a good year in the west as they are beginning to climb back to what they once were and they tried to prove that against the top team right now but came up just short thanks to a last minute field goal

Laurier Golden Hawks 17-16 Carleton Ravens
– The Ravens are not the team they were a year ago when they surprised everyone with a playoff berth while the Hawks are seemingly taking that role as they barely got by the Ravens in this tight game

Toronto Varsity Blues 45-18 York Lions
– The Red and Blue Bowl was an early one this year as the two cross-town rivals faced off with the Lions looking to truly become a contender after a surprise at the start of the year but they could do it getting easily beat by the Blues

Next Week:
Montreal Carabins vs. Acadia Axemen (Saturday, September 24th; 2:00 pm ADT)
– The crossover schedule begins as the best team in the country travels to Nova Scotia to take on the Axemen who will truly test how good they can be against the Carabins with many of these games getting out of hand quickly

Western Mustangs vs. Guelph Gryphons (Saturday, September 24th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Mustangs and Gryphons have had a healthy rivalry recently with both teams sitting at the top of the OUA year after year but this year the Gryphons are just trying to keep up while the Mustangs overcame early stumbles to take first place

Laval Rouge et Or vs. Mount Allison Mounties (Saturday, September 24th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– For the Mounties, this is the biggest test of the year and coming off of a big loss they need to get back into it and take out Laval in the crossover game while the Rouge et Or look to continue the RSEQ dominance over the AUS

Saskatchewan Huskies vs. Manitoba Bisons (Saturday, September 24th; 1:00 pm CDT)
– The Huskies came up just short against the best team in the conference but they are looking to continue and impressive season when they take on Manitoba who will be looking to get their standing back

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