UFC Fight Night 94 Preview

ufc-fn94Last weekend fans saw one of the strangest night of fights ever at UFC 203 with fights after the bell and main event that saw one fighter spend more time running than actually fighting.

The night was supposed to be a big one as the heavyweight title was on the line in a new city with their native son defending his belt.

It was not the best card with plenty of strange moments and a few bring fights that made the night less than great.

It has been an issue with those big fights for years though as the build-up rarely matches the product in the octagon.

Big pay-per-views usually have the biggest names and the best match-ups to see the best fights that the UFC can put one.

That doesn’t mean that the best fights actually turn out to be the best fights though as sometimes they can become the worst.

When top fighters face-off more often than not they want to avoid the best parts of their opponents game.

That can lead to fights where both fighters barely make any moves which lead to boring fights and boring pay-per-views.

It is frustrating as these fights are usually built to be the big fights every month and many times they do not meet the expectations.

That is the opposite of what many of the Fight Night cards are though as the small fights that are rarely talked about turn out to be some of the best fights.

There is a clear reason for that as the fighters that are on Fight Night cards are in a very different place than those on pay-per-views.

These fighters are the ones looking for a break and looking to make a name for themselves.

When you are the main event on a Fight Night it usually means you are on the edge of something special and the UFC wants to see you handle the main event.

There is no waiting for these fighters as they need to make an impression on the UFC and they are given the chance to do it on Fight Night.

Not everyone can take their chance though as some fighters crumble under the pressure or can’t step up when they need it the most.

That is the nature of the fight game as only one fighter will take advantage of the spotlight while the other will fall short.mma-sidebar.fw

There are always those fighters who can just step up when they need to and even when they don’t get the spotlight they find a way to make an impression anyway.

These are the fighters who earn bonuses on a regular basis and put on exciting fights every chance they get.

At UFC Fight Night 94 there will be four of those fighters who will close out the night and they will take on each other.

After the strange card at UFC 203, the next card has everything ended to be one of the most exciting of the year as long as the fighters come through.

First, there is Uriah Hall who had one of the most spectacular knockouts in The Ultimate Fighter history and earned a Performance bonus in his TKO of Gegard Mousasi.

He takes on Derek Brunson who has earned three straight knockouts in the UFC and is looking for his fourth as he tries to move up the rankings and get noticed.

It doesn’t seem like this fight will last too long between these two stand-up fighters and if it goes as planned it could be a bonus favourite.

They will have to compete with the main event though as Dustin Poirier and Michael Johnson have had their fair share of bonuses.

Johnson is just coming off of a Fight of the Night performance in a loss to Nate Diaz while Poirier had one of the best fights of the year in January and is used to earning bonuses.

Both fighters will go after it to try to get a bonus and a very important win as Poirier looks to earn his fifth straight win and Johnson tries to snap a two-fight losing streak in his first fight since December.

UFC Fight Night 94 is stacked with potential great fights as exciting fighters are up and down the card.

If things go according to plan with so many exciting fighters the free fight could overshadow the weekend before, which won’t be the first time.


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