Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 12)

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Trades in football are not the biggest way to get the players that teams need and that is even truer in the CFL.

The league is full of great talent but every year more talent comes in hopes that they can get a chance in the CFL to move to the NFL.

As NFL teams cut players, even more, athletes enter the CFL looking for their chance to continue playing football.

Signing free agents is the most common practice to find new players to fill out a roster while trades between teams for major names are very rare.

That changed this week as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers made a number of moves just as the week was ending.

Trades are rarely big enough to analyse and look over but the parts of the latest trades by the Bombers had so much to them that it was hard not to talk about them.

First came the trade with the Toronto Argonauts which was a trade that had reportedly been in the works since Argos’ starting quarterback Ricky Ray went down after one week back in the lineup.

Ray is quickly getting a reputation for being a band-aid in the league as every year goes by with him missing significant time.

Those injuries have given his back-ups plenty of time but the most promising have taken that experience to other teams leaving the Argos with few option.

They were reportedly looking for another option after it was announced that Ray would miss 4-6 weeks with a deflated lung.

That seemed like the idea until the Argos got their second win at home with recent signee Dan LeFevour against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

LeFevour looked good in the win with the offence gaining a new dimension thanks to his running ability.

It seemed like they had found their back-up and possibly the future of the QB position for the Argos, as long as he continued to perform under centre.

Giving him a real shot while Ray was down, seemed like a good idea but only minutes after the game the Argos announce that they had brought in another QB.

More concerning was that they had traded away TJ Heath, who had just had two big interceptions on the night, to get the new QB.

For a young defensive backfield like the Argos have development is extremely important and Heath looked like he could be the future in the backfield after putting up 5 interceptions this year.

Instead, the Argos decided to trade one of their more promising young players for Drew Willy.football-sidebar

The now former Bombers quarterback seemed like the answer that the Bombers needed at quarterback when they signed him from Saskatchewan.

Except that he couldn’t stay on the field, constantly getting injured and leaving the Bombers without a QB.

That was until they signed Matt Nichols last year and in Willy’s latest injury they turned to Nichols who has turned the team around leaving no room for Willy.

So in summary, the Bombers got a young promising DB and draft picks for an oft-injured QB while the Argos got another injury plagued QB while losing a top prospect just as they may have found a QB to lead them in Ray’s absence.

The trade doesn’t seem to be so good for the Argos as they now have two quarterbacks who have spent more time on the sidelines than the field over the last few years in the hopes that Willy can begin to stay on the field.

If the Argos do move on from Ray next year, which is a possibility, then the trade will be in full focus.

If Willy struggles to stay on the field they gave up a big prospect for nothing but if he can stay on and fulfil that promise he once had they may have worked a great trade that keeps them competitive for years to come.

The Bombers didn’t finish with the Willy trade though as they went to get a back-up for Nichols and traded picks to Montreal for Kevin Glenn.

He had lost the starting role in Montreal but is still the best back-up in the game, even if he has been a jinx in many of the places he has been.

The Bombers were very active this week and they seemed to come out big with very little to lose.

Meanwhile, Toronto is in an interesting place with a back-up that looked good and two injury-prone quarterbacks now on the roster.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Ray Sidelined Again
Ricky Ray returned for one game after an injury early in the season and immediately hit the sidelines again after a deflated lung will sideline him 4-6 weeks leaving the Argos with questions at QB in during the playoff race

Mitchell Out
The Saskatchewan Roughriders were looking for anything to help them out of their funk and they went to get boost when they signed controversial defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell but they didn’t like what they saw cutting after only a week

Entertainment in TO
The Grey Cup will go back to Toronto this year in a brand new field as BMO Field hosts the biggest game of the year and at half, fans will see a great show as OneRepublic was announced as the halftime show this year


Week 12:
BC Lions 38-27 Montreal Alouettes
– The Alouettes looked to change course when they switched quarterbacks but that still couldn’t help as the BC Lions continued their strong season getting past the Alouettes and staying in the hunt for the top of the West

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 17-10 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The rematch in this rivalry can sometimes be the bigger game as the Banjo Bowl is the feature game of rematch week and this year the Bombers were the ones taking the wins in the two biggest games of the year winning back to back against the Riders

Calgary Stampeders 34-28 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Battle of Alberta rematch when fairly similar to the first game as the Stampeders continued their strong season at the top of the west beating their provincial rivals for the second straight week

Toronto Argonauts 33-21 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The Argonauts came into the Labour Day rematch with little hope as they started a back-up quarterback and played at home where they had only won a game but they came out to an early lead and held it to take the big win at home

Week 13:
Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Friday, September 16th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Alouettes are still struggling to find their way this year as they get closer to elimination from the playoffs but they hope their new starting QB can finally make things click against an angry Hamilton team

Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Saturday, September 17th; 2:00 pm ET)
– The Argonauts may have found a replacement for Ray for the time being and Dan LeFevour gets his second test against a Winnipeg team that is playing their best football right now in what could come down as an important crossover game

Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Calgary Stampeders (Saturday, September 17th; 5:00 pm ET)
– The REDBLACKS had the week off as the rematches took focus and they will look to get their season back on track against the best team in the league with a win helping them stay on top of the east while the Stamps look to stay on top in the west

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Sunday, September 18th; 4:30 pm ET)
– The Eskimos took it on the chin against the provincial rivals in the last two weeks dropping them near the bottom of the division but they hope to begin a climb back against the Roughriders who continue to struggle this year

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