CIS Football Report (Week 3)

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Winning in university football can do great things for the school and the program because winning breeds more success.

It makes recruiting easier because all players want to go to a program where they can win championships.

They all want to go to a place where they are going to be playing in the biggest games and where they have a chance to say that they are Vanier Cup champions.

It also brings a focus to the school where the teams play as they can become known for excellence through sports and get more people to think about their school.

Winning does so much for a school but winning can’t last forever as eventually a program will have a downturn and begin to lose games.

They will start dropping regular season games and then begin to miss playoffs as happens almost every program at some point.

The length of this downturn usually depends entirely on the staff they have at the program that can turn things around.

The teams and programs with better personnel are the teams that can find their way back to the top of the league quickly.

Trying to prevent this downturn has been the challenge of coaches for a very long time.

Many have tried but few have succeeded because it can sometimes sneak up on a program.

They go from being dominant and never losing a game in the regular season to losing a game or two in the regular season.

Before they know it they are fighting for the playoffs and coming up just short.

The teams that begin to scramble often find themselves sitting at the bottom of their conference sooner or later while the coaches that can stay calm and not try to change things can usually recover fairly quickly.

This exact thing could be happening to one of the most dominant OUA teams and CIS teams in the country.

The Western Mustangs have been the most consistent team in Ontario over the last decade as they always seem to be a part of the fight to get to the national playoffs.

As a part of that consistency and high level of play, they are a program that has rarely dropped a regular season game.

That was until their second week of play when the Carleton Ravens took a win against the Mustangs 38-31.

It was a big surprise as the Mustangs are not used to losing in the regular season as they have consistently been at or near the top of the standings with an undefeated record.

The loss brought some concern for the program as the Mustangs were clearly not the team they once

The Ravens are a good team but they are not at the level of top teams throughout the country and the Mustangs had shown that they were not there either.

The concern was a big thing in Western as they had never been concerned before about the football program.

They had to learn how to deal with it and more importantly the players had to learn how to lose and get back up for another game.

It can be tough when you are sued to winning and when you expect to win most of the games in your conference.

The Mustangs could have either taken it to mean that they were not ready and they could give up on trying or they could get angry and start to use the loss as motivation to prove to everyone that they are still a team to watch.

What path they took was going to show through in their third game this week as they were either going to take a win against the worst team in the conference or drop an even bigger shocker.

The Mustangs came out strong and put up 75 points in a score that was similar to their games in the past.

They looked like the old Western and that could mean trouble if that surprising loss woke them up.

It was also a win against the worst team in the conference and might not mean a lot.

The Mustangs still have a lot to prove as they won’t be fighting for first this year but have more than enough time to make everyone aware that they are still a team to fear in the OUA.


Key Scores:
Calgary Dinos 35-8 UBC Thunderbirds
– The Thunderbirds are the defending Vanier Cup champions but they are not showing it so far this year as they dropped their first game this year against the team they will need to beat to win the west although they started slow last year as well

StFX X-Men 29-14 Mount Allison Mounties
– The AUS began their season officially as two past champions faced off looking to get off to a great start in their season and the defending champs proved why they won last year taking their opening game against the Mounties

York Lions 56-32 Windsor Lancers
– The Lions may not be able to compete with the best teams in the province but they are showing that they can compete as they put up 56 points against the Lancers for their second win in the season

McGill Redmen 19-18 Sherbrooke Vert et Or
– The Redmen have been a bit of a forgotten program over the last decade with poor performance but that had to change eventually and they are hoping it is now after they barely got by the Vert et Or

Next Week:
Mount Allison Mounties vs. Saint Mary’s Huskies (Friday, September 16th; 7:00 pm ADT)
– In the east, the battle is always tight as there are only four teams and so every game becomes that much more important and they Mounties are hoping to get back on track with their first win against the Huskies

Bishop’s Gaiters vs. McGill Redmen (Friday, September 16th; 7:00 pm EDT)
– The Redmen are trying to show that their program is ready to be taken seriously but they won’t be able to do that if they can’t get past the worst team in the province as they hope to put up big numbers

York Lions vs. Toronto Varsity Blues (Saturday, September 17th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Lions have started to seriously make a name for themselves and now they try to prove it in one of their biggest games of the season as they hope to keep up the winning in the Red-Blue Bowl with their crosstown rivals

Regina Rams vs. UBC Thunderbirds (Saturday, September 17th; 5:00 pm PDT)
– The Thunderbirds are not doing the best right now as they have not had the best two weeks but they will take on the rams who are struggling themselves with the T-Birds trying to get their chance to return to winning

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