2016 CFHOF Profile: Don McDonald

d-mcdonald1The Canadians football system is a bit of a unique one as there is more than one path to get to the Canadian football League.

One of the most unique paths in Canada are the players who join the Canadian Junior Football League.

The CJFL is an alternative to the CIS and can be a direct line to the CFL, unlike in the USA where players must compete in the NCAA to get to the NFL.

It is a league that can give an opportunity for those that can’t afford an education or simply prefer to take a different route to playing professionally.

It is uniquely Canadian and there have been plenty of CFL stars who have come out of this system.

Of course, as with anything in Canada, there is a division of who cares more about this league and who tends to win a lot more.

In Quebec it was always a big step for many who would enter the CJFL before going to CIS, that was until the Quebec division created their own division.

In Ontario, is was never as big as there were plenty of CIS teams to go to the inside of the province and more kids wanting to attend a CIS school.

In the West, it is no question that football is king and with so many people playing the game it can be tough to find a school to play for.

That is where the CJFL comes in and in the west, there are some of the most dominant CJFL teams in the league.

The most dominant have been the Saskatoon Hilltops who have won the Canadian Bowl a total of 18 times.

They are one of the building blocks for the CJFL as they have been at or near the top of the league for years.

Don McDonald has been a big part of the history of the Hilltops, first as a player and then as an executive.

McDonald only played for two years with the Hilltops in 1951 and 1952 and after his football career ended he came back to help lead the team.d-mcdonald2

He later became the president of the Hilltops and continues to serve with the Hilltops putting in 37 years with the team.

He has been a major part of the dominance of the team over the years keeping the team at the top of the CJFL.

He has had a big impact on the team and the league and to do that in the province of football means something more than to do that in any other section of the country.

Not only did he have an impact on the Hilltops but he has been involved in Saskatchewan football at all levels.

He was the President of Football Saskatchewan while also having an impact on the national game serving as CJFL Commissioner and Director of Football Canada.

He has made a big impact on football in Canada and as a result, he will go to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame class of 2016.

That is one of the greatest parts of the CFHOF as it honours all who have made an impact on the game.

It is not just about professional players or coaches because it is about the game of football throughout the country.

Anyone that has an impact in growing the game throughout Canada can be honoured by be entered into the Hall of Fame.

It is a Hall of Fame that honours those that have helped grow the game in their communities and throughout the country.

For McDonald that influence started long ago with his playing days has continued to this day.

He has been a constant image in Saskatchewan Football and for his efforts, he will be honoured among some of the best players and biggest influencers in Canadian football.


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