UFC 203 Preview

ufc-203The heavyweights are back as the division that seemed stalled is finally moving again with plenty of excitement behind them.

The heavyweight division will be the focus of UFC 203 as four of the top fighters in the division get going on pay-per-view.

Before the big men get in the octagon though the UFC will see one of the most controversial fights in UFC history.

That is the fight between CM Punk and Micky Gall as the UFC welcomes the most controversial fighter that has ever been in the UFC.

Phillip Jack Brooks has become a polarising figure in fighting as the man better known as CM Punk is making his UFC debut in what is also his first MMA fight.

He is a big part of the new deal between the WWE and the UFC as CM Punk comes right from the WWE ring to the UFC octagon.

For fighters that have worked their way through the small promotions to earn a UFC contract, making it based on the fame of the WWE is not even close to fair.

After all the WWE is not a real fight, they may have to be athletic and take punishment but they know who is going to win and they don’t take real punches most of the time.

It is not a real fight whereas the UFC is the top fighting league in the world right now where only the best fighters survive.

According to CM Punk, it has always been a dream to fight in the UFC and he has reportedly taken it seriously training for the last year with Duke Roufus to prepare for this opportunity.

For many the opportunity is not deserved and if he gets beat up in his first fight it will be proof that he never belonged.

If he loses the UFC gets a massive black eye for signing someone to sell tickets rather than for their skill.

The other side of the equation though is if he wins and proves to everyone that he is a real fighter.

If that happens the UFC has a star on their hands who will continue to divide fans and sell tickets.

On the other side of the octagon is a young fighter who knows exactly where he is and what he is doing in this fight.

Mickey Gall knows that this is his chance to make a name for himself and he will look to take that chance on a massive stage.

After everyone watches CM Punk try to prove that he belongs in the fight game the heavyweights take the stage and look to continue the growth of the division after it sat in limbo for so long.

A mix of injuries and fighters taking time off the heavyweight division has not been as active as it once was.mma-sidebar.fw

The UFC tried to kick-start it this year with more top heavyweights beginning to fight and a title shot scheduled with the hopes of no cancellation.

Essentially they had taken the shot away from Cain Velasquez who had lost his title to Fabricio Werdum but had to drop out of the rematch.

In his place was Stipe Miocic who had done everything he could to earn a title shot but continued to be left out with a few top guys getting injured and waiting for other fights.

The match-up against Werdum for the title was expected to be an interesting one but one that Werdum could take and then move on to the rematch against Velasquez.

That wasn’t the case as the power and boxing of Miocic was too much for Werdum who was knocked out while backing up.

Now Miocic has brought a new life to the division as he went right back to work and will defend his belt for the first time in four months after the title had been a year gap in between former title defences.

He has a tough task against an improved Alistair Overeem who has won four in a row on his way to a title shot that he has been looking for since he entered the UFC.

Overeem has always been one of the best heavyweights in the world but often depended on foreign substances to get an edge over everyone else.

Since USADA became the official tester in the UFC it has been a different Overeem who looks more like his K-1 days, when his athleticism showed through.

He will enter his first UFC title fight against another great striker in a fight that should get people excited for the return of the type of heavyweight fight everyone wants.

In the co-main event, the next contender could be crowned as well with former champion Werdum taking on Travis Browne.

Werdum simply needs a win to solidify his spot at the top while Browne needs a win to stay close to the top after a loss to Velasquez.

The heavyweights return and controversial figure enters the octagon as UFC 203 is full of stories for fight fans to follow.


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