CIS Football Report (Week 2)

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The second week of the season began in the CIS but for some teams, it was just the start of their season.

The OUA began a week earlier as their conference is bigger than everyone else and so they need more time to get things done.

The opposite can be said for the AUS conference as they are the smallest team and will start next week.

This week though the CIS welcomed two of the most powerful conferences back to football as the CanWest and RSEQ conferences started their season.

The CIS is much like every other league in North America as it goes through ebbs and flows.

The way it is structured those ebbs and flows usually come through the different conferences and which one can be great next.

The OUA has had their time as they were the conference that started university football.

They have come and gone throughout the years but usually, they are in the hunt with one of their teams.

Lately, though the story has been about their neighbours to the east as the RSEQ has been the dominant team in the CIS for years.

That has largely been due to the dominance of the Laval program that continued to compete for the Vanier Cup year after year.

The RSEQ has been the conference to beat over the last few years and this year they continue to be that conference.

The winner of the RSEQ is a constant favourite to win the Vanier Cup and it doesn’t seem to matter who it was.

Laval had been the team to beat but in recent years the Montreal Carabins had taken over and continued the tradition of the RSEQ being one of the best conferences in the country.

All the while the RSEQ has been one of the biggest and best conferences there has been a challenger alongside them.

Although the OUA has thrown their own programs into the fire and come out on top there is no other conference right now with the firepower to challenge the RSEQ as the CanWest.

Western football is producing more good teams than they have before and they are beginning to make a real impact throughout the country on the national

The UBC Thunderbirds did it last year in beating the Carabins with a freshman quarterback.

The Thunderbirds looked like they could be the next dominant team in the country.

It hasn’t only been one year but if they can utilise Michael O’Connor for his five years of eligibility they could be the next team.

That will lead the CanWest to prominence throughout the country just like Laval led the RSEQ.

The RSEQ is not a pushover though as they are still one of the best conferences in the country.

As both conferences start their seasons they all have an eye on each other with the matchups working out this year to put both as a potential Vanier Cup match again.

The season starts and every team gets a new lease on life with all the possibilities to make their names known and to try to win the conference.

Whoever comes out of the RSEQ and the CanWest will likely be favourites to get to the Vanier Cup.

That is the nature of the CIS right now as the RSEQ and the CanWest conference are the two conferences to watch this year and they are just getting going.


Key Scores:
Saskatchewan Huskies 41-39 Regina Rams
– The Battle of Saskatchewan opened up the season for the Huskies and the Rams as they didn’t have an easy start to their year with both teams fighting until the end until eventually, the Huskies took the win

Montreal Carabins 24-21 Laval Rouge et Or
– It is the biggest rivalry in the CIS right now and for Laval and Montreal it is one of the most important games of the season as this game could mean the difference between first and second and this time the Carabins came out on top

Carleton Ravens 38-31 Western Mustangs
– The Mustangs have long been the measuring stick in the OUA and the Ravens are still trying to establish themselves and they made sure every knew that they were ready to compete in beating the Mustangs in their second game of the season

Windsor Lancers 33-29 Guelph Gryphons
– The Gryphons are the defending champions in the OUA and they are looking to repeat this year but they will have a tougher time after this game as they took the loss and the Lancers showed that they are ready to compete this year

Next Week:
UBC Thunderbirds vs. Calgary Dinos (Friday, September 9th; 5:30 pm MDT)
– The Thunderbirds are going for the repeat this year but to get to the Vanier Cup they have to win the conference and to win the conference they will need to beat the Dinos making this game an important one for both teams

StFX X-Men vs. Mount Allison Mounties (Saturday, September 10th; 2:00 pm ADT)
– The AUS kicks off their season with their first week and the defending champions get back to work as the X-Men try to start their defending season with a win against a former champion the Mounties

Queen’s Gaels vs. Guelph Gryphons (Saturday, September 10th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Gryphons are reeling from a loss in their second week and now they look to get back to winning as they take on the Gaels who have yet to win this year but will hope to get their first against the Gryphons

Laval Rouge et Or vs. Concordia Stingers (Saturday, September 10th; 3:00 pm EDT)
– The Rouge et Or dropped their first game in what is becoming a tradition for them but they will try to get back on track and make it tough for the Carabins as they take on the Stingers trying to get their first win of the season

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