Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 10)

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The CFL is not a league known for being a controversial one that has to deal with big personalities and bigger mistakes.

Unlike their counterparts to the south the CFL has not dealt with off-field issues in nearly the same pace.

More often than not fines in the CFL come after uniform violations or small things that are generally forgotten.

That wasn’t the case at the start of the year as the CFL saw a star receiver get into some major trouble.

Luckily for them, it wasn’t off the field issues that got him in trouble but rather an on-field incident that nobody had seen before.

In a game where the Montreal Alouettes lost their top receiver in SJ Green, Durant was watched to be the leader possibly for the rest of the season.

He proved why when he took a massive hit in the end zone but came down with the ball to score a key touchdown in their game against the REDBLACKS.

He could have been shaken up after the play or he could have known exactly what he wanted to do next but what happened next made headlines around the country.

On his way back to the Montreal bench he bumped into Ottawa head coach Rick Campbell who fell to the ground, although he did embellish a little and didn’t really belong as far out as he was.

From there Carter was somewhat guided into the Ottawa bench by Ottawa players who got hot with some even swinging at the receiver.

The incident as embarrassing for the league and the team as a bad decision by Carter led to an almost all-out melee on the field.

Eventually, he was kicked out of the game and after the game was complete he was given a one-game suspension while Campbell and others were given fines for their roles in the incident.

Although the incident was embarrassing for the league what might be even more embarrassing has been what has followed.

As with most suspensions in any league, Carter decided to appeal, in a way simply extending his time to play.

Usually, the appeal process lets a player continue to play before their appeal can be heard, what typically can be up to two games.

For the CFL the appeal from Carter lasted much longer as the incident itself happened on June 30 and yet it took until the end of August for the appeal to finally be heard.

All the while Carter continued to play and be the best receiver on the field for the Alouettes.

The weeks continued to go by without a decision being made on the fate of the young receiver.football-sidebar

For a league constantly struggling to be considered legitimate among the bigger leagues in North America the two months between the suspension and the appeal decision doesn’t help them.

It looks unprofessional as the league couldn’t seem to put together a hearing and get Carter to the hearing in time to simply get it done and make a decision.

Instead, the process took so long that almost half of the season passed by before a decision was made.

That decision was to uphold the single-game suspension as Carter will miss Labour Day where the Alouettes are going to take on the REDBLACKS.

The one game suspension will be served with nobody really caring too much as the incident happened so long ago.

It almost became a case of just getting it over with and getting Carter to serve the single game to move on.

The entire ordeal from the incident to the suspension and the appeal process has not been the best look for the league.

The professionalism of the league has come under fire for the simple fact that they couldn’t seem to get the appeal process going, something that every league has figured out pretty easily.

If the CFL hopes to be considered a truly professional football league it is little things like this that they need to figure out.

It may not seem like much as the main parts are in but what makes the league go from being taken seriously to being a punchline are the small things like this.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Curbing the Challenge
The CFL has seen a lot more challenges with more challengeable plays and that has slowed the games down but in an attempt to curb those challenges the CFL changed the rules making the first challenge worth a timeout if lost

Ray Returns
Just in time for their busy week the Toronto Argonauts will welcome back their star QB as Ricky Ray will return from injury to play two games in a week as the Argos celebrate Labour Day weekend with a quick turnaround

Johnny Football in Canada?
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats made some noise this week when they officially earned the rights to sign Johnny Manziel should he decided to come north of the border to play football and although they have not been in contact the rumours began to swirl

Another Vet Out
A week after cutting new signing, Brian Bulcke the Toronto Argonauts parted was with another veteran off-season signing when they released Keon Raymond as they continue to give up on off-season acquisitions


Week 10:
BC Lions 29-23 Ottawa REDBLACKS
– The REDBLACKS looked like they were ready to take over for another year when they started the season strong but lately they have fallen off and continued to struggle this time against another team making a name for themselves in the Lions

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 32-18 Montreal Alouettes
– It was a match-up of two teams that have not been good all year and from the start, it looked like the Bombers would take it easily and despite a small comeback that is exactly what happened as the Als continue to find it tough to find a win

Edmonton Eskimos 33-25 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Eskimos were not their usual dominant selves at the start of the season but they seem to be figuring things out now and they showed it against the Roughriders who pulled everything out to try to take the win but couldn’t pull it off

Calgary Stampeders 30-24 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– With the return of Zach Collaros, the Ti-Cats had plenty of expectations but they got their first real test this week taking on the top team in the west and despite a good fight they came up just short

Week 11:
BC Lions vs. Toronto Argonauts (Wednesday, August 31st; 7:30 pm ET)
– The Lions continue to run through the league looking to take the west division title this year and now they travel to Toronto where the Argos have struggled all year and hope to get only their second win at BMO Field

Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Montreal Alouettes (Thursday, September 1st; 7:30 pm ET)
– The REDBLACKS were the team to beat at the start of the year but the once tough out has not been the same over the last few weeks as they try to get back on track against the Alouettes who are still so unpredictable

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Sunday, September 4th; 3:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers are feeling good after putting together four straight wins as they take on their long-time rivals in Regina hoping to continue their winning while the Riders would like nothing more than to knock the down

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Calgary Stampedes (Monday, September 5th; 3:00 pm ET)
– Labour Day starts off with a classic Battle of Alberta match-up as the Eskimos look to take their newfound momentum into Calgary where the Stampeders look to show who the real kings of the province are

Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Monday, September 5th; 6:30 pm ET)
– The Argos take on their second game of the week this time in the biggest rivalry in the league as they look to finally get by the Ti-Cats in a match-up that has been very one-sided over the last few years

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