Veterans Clash in Vancouver

ufc-fox21In 1995 the UFC was the only game in town for MMA as the sport was just beginning and despite some promotions making it big in Japan nothing else was around in North America.

Since that time the UFC has led the charge for the sport in becoming more mainstream than it has ever been before.

As the leader, it has become the premier league in mixed martial arts and is almost like the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL.

Fighters begin their fighting careers now looking to fight in the UFC at one point in time.

It has become the goal of almost every fighter starting their career now as most fighters are fighting to eventually be a UFC fighter.

That type of status in the sport means that the UFC can pick and choose the best of the best no matter where they are.

That is exactly what they have done as the UFC has put together a roster of the most talented mixed martial artists in the world.

It is a big part of the reason why the UFC is now seeing a time where no championship is safe.

Over the last year, more championships have been lost in the UFC because the talent is just at such a high level.

The UFC has reached a point where on any given night anyone can win because nobody makes the UFC without being a great fighter.

Much like the major leagues in any sport the UFC is made up of the stars of every other promotion all looking to get a piece of the gold.

The toughness of the promotion is not lost on the two men that faced off in Vancouver as both had been through the best and worst of the UFC.

Carlos Condit and Demian Maia are both considered two of the most dangerous men in the welterweight division.

Condit got that reputation for his relentless striking game and his power that has knocked out some big names in the octagon.

Not only that but he has a ground game that has ended the night of plenty of fighters in the past.

Maia earned the reputation before his MMA career when he won a World Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he came into the sport as one of the best ground fighters in the world.

Maia added a striking game to his great BJJ game and became dangerous everywhere as he was only tougher to beat.

Both if these fighters can end fights at any moment whether it be standing or on the ground they are dangerous.

Yet heading into their main event fight in Vancouver neither had been able to capture an undisputed title in the UFC.

In most other promotions they could be champions, Condit was a champion when he left the WEC to join the UFC.

They are in the UFC though and in the UFC there are no easy paths to a championship and after winning a championship life only gets harder.

Condit came the closest to that goal though when he won the interim welterweight title in 2012.

That interim title came with a match-up against Georges St. Pierre for the undisputed title which Condit lost.

Maia has never received a belt from the UFC despite great wins against big names as he continues to falter at key moments in his career.

Such is life in the UFC though as there is nothing easy about being a UFC fighter and trying to get that title can prove to be extremely tough for some very good fighters.

Both Condit and Maia came into the fight as top five fighters in a division that continues to change

There were sure to be plenty of opportunities for the fighter that won the main event but it was up to two veterans of the sport to come through in the fight.

One did in a big way as Maia didn’t waste any time taking the fight to where he is most comfortable.

Despite his ability to stand he was smart enough to know that standing and trading with someone like Condit would have been a mistake.

Instead, he took the fight to the ground quickly and began working his jiu-jitsu to eventually take Condit’s back.

Condit has had his battles on the ground and has shown plenty of promise in getting out of bad situations but this time, there was nowhere to go.

Maia locked in a rear naked choke and Condit had not other option but to tap giving Maia the win.

For Condit, the loss is another road block and a possible career ender but he still puts on exciting fights and if he wants to return he might have one more run at the title in him.

For Maia, the goal was clear when he stated that he would wait for the next welterweight title fight to finish.

With a big win streak now under his belt, he will likely get the winner of Thompson-Woodley and will attempt to get his first title in a storied career.

The UFC is a tough promotion to be a part of and Condit got that reminder in Vancouver with another night producing another great finish.



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