UFC 202 Preview

ufc-202There is little doubt that the biggest rivalry in the UFC right now is anyone involving Conor McGregor.

He has been one of the biggest trash talkers since entering the UFC and that doesn’t usually create a lot of friends throughout the roster.

He has created big enemies throughout the featherweight division, including current interim champion Jose Aldo who wants his rematch as soon as possible.

One of his more recent targets was Rafael Dos Anjos who held the lightweight title up until a month ago.

He became a target after McGregor beat Aldo for the featherweight title and immediately set his eyes on a second title.

He got that fight and Dos Anjos became the next rival with both fighters exchanging plenty of words back and forth before their fight.

That rivalry would never come to fruition though as the then lightweight champion was forced to drop out when he broke his foot in training.

Although McGregor continued to go after the Brazilian he suddenly set his eyes on a brand new target that came out of nowhere.

When the Dos Anjos fight was cancelled the UFC called around to try to find a fight for McGregor and they found Nate Diaz relaxing on a beach and having a beer.

With less than a week to prepare the fight was scheduled for welterweight, one weight class above for Diaz and two above for McGregor.

The trash talk never had a long time to develop but in the short few days, they had it got intense between the two as Diaz is never one to back down from a verbal exchange.

The fight itself was a bit of an unknown as nobody knew how Diaz would be able to fight on such short notice or how McGregor would respond to fighting so far above his weight class.

At the start, McGregor was his usual dominant self with great movement making it hard for Diaz to get a beat on him.

Then came the second round when McGregor gassed out and Diaz took full advantage landing big blows and eventually taking the fight to the ground where McGregor has never been strong.

It was the end as McGregor took the submission loss, his first loss in the UFC, in a fight that launched one of the best rivalries in the UFC right now.

It didn’t take long for McGregor to go to the UFC and ask for a rematch as he wanted another crack at Diaz right after he lost.

That meant the trash talk would start right away as well with both fighters continuing their exchange leading into UFC 200.

When McGregor refused to leave camp to participate in a UFC press conference in New York the UFC made an example out of him by pulling him from the card, Diaz refused to fight anyone else and was pulled from the card as well.

So the fight was moved to UFC 202 giving each fighter, even more, time to make noise, something that McGregor has taken full advantage f in attacking everyone including the WWE.mma-sidebar.fw

During their press conference, things came to a head with Diaz walking out and throwing a water bottle at McGregor which only enticed McGregor to throw water bottles back and which ended the press conference early.

McGregor has made rivals in every fight he has been given and most of the time it is to try to sell tickets, which has been very effective.

This may be the only true rivalry for the Irishman though and it is all because of his loss in the first fight.

For some McGregor is still one of the best fighters in the world and that loss was more of an anomaly than a sign that Diaz is a better fighter.

After all, McGregor went off of his diet a week before the fight to gain weight and never really planned it out properly.

That made him slower and took away his gas tank making him vulnerable in the second round of the fight.

If he had done things properly, some say, he would have continued his domination from the first round and taken the fight.

For others, Diaz is simply the worst match-up for McGregor as he has a great chin and very good BJJ.

He can take the punishment from McGregor, especially since McGregor is a lighter fighter, and when Diaz gets McGregor to the ground there will always be little that McGregor could do.

Not to mention that gaining the weight again is not the greatest idea as fighting two classes above weight is tough.

Answers to all of the questions between these two fighters will come as both have had full camps to prepare with no excuses left for either if they take a loss.

It is a fight that has been talked about for a long time and with both fighters continuing to build one of the best rivalries it may just be the middle of a great trilogy in the UFC, as long as McGregor can pull off a win.


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