Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 8)

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The CFL is heading quickly towards the halfway point of the season with Labour Day fast-approaching for every team.

The halfway point of the season is a very important time for everyone as it is the time where things need to be figured out if they want to make a real run at the Grey Cup.

Heading into Labour Day the entire league is looking to tighten up any issues that they have in order to truly become Grey Cup contenders.

If they can’t they will either barely make the playoffs and quickly get sent home or miss the playoffs entirely as they are left to try to figure things out.

For some of the teams sitting far away from everyone else the midway point, it is a time to make a drastic change or just come to grips with some big decisions needing to be made in the off-season.

This year there is really only one team with some very big decisions to make whether they come soon or in the off-season, it seems like something needs to change.

For the entire season the trio of Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Montreal have ben sitting at the bottom of the league.

The Bombers might be figuring some things out with Matt Nichols under centre and the Riders just made massive changes as they wait for Chris Jones to do work with the roster in the next couple of years.

That leaves the Montreal Alouettes who have gone from one of the most dominant teams in the league to consistently one of the worst.

They have fallen into an issue that so many teams hit and it becomes much more devastating in the CFL.

After Anthony Calvillo retired the Als have struggled to find a quarterback to replace him and keep their run as the best team in the east going.

Instead, they have run through quarterbacks signing more and more every year hoping that one can find his way to the starting role.

Nobody has done that so far and so they are missing their most important player.

That has hurt them as an ageing defence and some major injuries have once again put them in the bottom of the division.

Both the success and the fall of the Alouettes has been overseen by one man who has been a big part of both.

Jim Popp was the GM when Calvillo was at the helm of the team and they were consistently one of the best teams in the league.

He has also been one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of the team due to indecision in many important roles on the team.football-sidebar

He has struggled to find a head coach hiring CFL veterans and NCAA sideline stars to head up the Alouettes.

Yet none of these coaches lasted very long with Dan Hawkins not even lasting a year and Tom Higgins lasting a year and a half on the sidelines.

In both cases, Popp took over as the head coach with impatience for any process that either coach was trying to implement.

Meanwhile, on the field Popp continued to sign quarterbacks looking for a replacement rather than finding a replacement earlier or having the patience to let one of them develop.

This year has been the worst of his tenure as he continues to lead on the sidelines, seemingly biding time before Anthony Calvillo can move from offensive coordinator to head coach, and they continue to struggle at quarterback.

Although Kevin Glenn is a good quarterback he is not young and won’t be the future of this team.

They cut a potential future at the position in Canadian Brandon Bridge while Rakeem Cato can’t get any time.

This past week Popp was in more heat after reportedly using some inappropriate language in a team meeting.

Whether it was or wasn’t that offensive it seemed to anger some of the players and if Popp loses the team he might be ready to lose his job.

Expect some massive changes in Montreal and they might happen sooner rather than later as midseason approaches.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

In Trouble Again
The Saskatchewan Roughriders are making a habit out of getting on the wrong side of the CFL as they were fined a second time in two weeks with the first one coming after roster violations and this one coming or standing at midfield during team introductions

A New Home
Brandon Bridge came into the league looking like the best hope for a starting Canadian QB in the CFL but he rarely got much time in Montreal and was cut last week before being signed by the Roughriders who may be trying to find a replacement for Darian Durant

Making the Best of Things
The BC Lions were ready to head home earlier in the week but were forced to sit tight with a 14-hour delay but they made the best of it throwing a dance party and giving fans a show while they waited to fly back home


Week 8:
Edmonton Eskimos 23-12 Montreal Alouettes
– The Eskimos were on a slide but they haven’t been anywhere near as bad as the Alouettes who took another loss on the season as they sink further down in the east with Labour Day approaching

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 34-17 Toronto Argonauts
– The Toronto Argonauts can’t seem to figure things out in their new home as they dropped their third home game of the season to the Bombers who continue to figure things out with Matt Nichols at quarterback

Calgary Stampeders 19-10 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Roughriders haven’t been doing much better than the Alouettes this year and they continued to struggle against one of the best teams in the league as the Stamps continued their time on top of the west

BC Lions 45-38 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The return of Zach Collaros was spoiled as he wasn’t enough to overcome the Lions who continue to show the league that they are a team to watch this year with another big win to keep up with the Stamps

Week 9:
Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa REDBLACKS (Friday, August 19th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Als try to turn things around but it won’t be easy with the REDBLACKS looking like the team to beat in the east this year as they continue to try to move ahead of the pack in the eastern division

Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions (Friday, August 19th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The battle for the west seems to be headed towards a fight between these two teams as the Stamps look to stay on top while the Lions try to throw their names into the list of the best teams in the league

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Toronto Argonauts (Saturday, August 20th; 4:00 pm ET)
– The Eskimos finally broke a losing streak and now they head into Toronto where the Argonauts are trying to figure out what has gone wrong at home with the intention of spoiling another game at BMO Field

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday, August 20th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Riders are trying to get things back on track but they could be in for a big challenge as the Ti-Cats will look to get back to winning with their starting quarterback finally back in the lineup and hoping to get back to his MOP calibre play

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