Excitement in Salt Lake

ufc-fn92The UFC has often been criticised for the amount of fights that they put on every year as they have seemingly increased over the years.

The UFC used to put on a fight once a month on pay-per-view that included some of the biggest names on the roster.

When they were holding these fights once a month it was always a big deal because it was the only time that you could see the fighters in the UFC.

Then the UFC began expanding with their new reality show The Ultimate Fighter and along with it a deal with Spike TV.

The TV show and cable deal allowed the UFC to put on free fights as a way to get more exposure for the promotion.

They began hosting two fights per month with one pay-per-view and one free fight.

The strategy started to work as the UFC began to grow and with it so did the UFC roster and the amount of fights.

They started to add more weight classes and to showcase all of the new weight classes they needed to begin to add to their events.

That is when the events began to multiply to the point where there is now almost one event every week.

With these events, many have stated that they are over saturated the promotion and putting together cards that aren’t worthy of being broadcast.

Many of the cards people see are good enough to be on other bigger cards but not by themselves.

Sometimes that sentiment is right as some of the smaller cards fall short with very little attention and almost no hype before they begin.

That isn’t always the case though as sometimes the bigger cards are the ones that fall far short of expectations.

Meanwhile, the small cards that nobody pays much attention to coming up big with classic fights that go down in history.

The fact is that fights could always be terrible or good depending on if both fighters match-up well or if they show up to fight.

That is no guarantee no matter what the fight is and for the UFC the expanded roster the amount of fights are necessary to highlight the talent.

This weekend was yet another fight that didn’t receive a lot of attention as it was yet another that on the outside looked like two low-ranking fighters just filling in to get their fights in.

That was unless you knew the two fighters that were involved because if you had ever watched a Yair Rodriguez or Alex Caceres fight you would know that this fight was set-up to be a great one.

Both fighters were looking to get some attention in the featherweight division as they have struggled to get much attention.

Despite the lack of attention both fighters have had a habit of putting on great fights with amazing styles.mma-sidebar.fw

Rodriguez has developed a serious stand-up game with devastating kicks that he displayed in The Ultimate Fighter Latin America.

After he took the title on the show he moved on to put together an impressive career in the UFC leading into this fight.

His opponent also came from reality TV as Caceres was one of the most noticeable characters on The Ultimate Fighter.

Although he didn’t take the title for that show he did enter the UFC and despite being inconsistent he has always put on a show.

His unpredictability has made him a dangerous fighter no matter who he is facing and he looked to take that unpredictability to the main event at UFC Fight Night 92.

For those that knew these two fighters, they were expecting an exciting fight despite the thoughts of the outsiders.

Those who knew the fighters saw exactly what they thought they were going to see as both fighters came out quickly.

It was a tough fight to score from the start as both fighters came out throwing everything in their arsenal.

Kicks and superman punches were flying all over the octagon from the start to the end of the fight.

When it came down to it though the judges gave the fight to Rodriguez who did just enough to keep his win streak going.

The loss for Caceres is not the worst as he still earned a bonus and still proves to be one of the most exciting fighters on the roster.

Rodriguez took the win, his fifth straight, and he is sure to move up the rankings in the featherweight division with tougher tests coming soon.

It might have been a lacklustre lead up but once again a Fight Night card that wasn’t expected to be great by outsiders ended up being a great show for everyone.



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