PFHOF Profile: Marvin Harrison

GettyImages-76955594.0Football is divided into two different types of positions as many refer to them as the skill and non-skill positions.

Essentially those two types of positions are based on how much a player actually touches the ball, those who regularly touch the ball are the “skill” positions.

Even among the “skill” positions, there is a divide though as there is the quarterback and then everyone else.

Quarterbacks receive much of the glory at any level of the game while the rest of the players usually take a backseat.

In a way, it is proper that this is the norm as a quarterback is the only player on the field to touch the ball on every play.

They have to know and understand the playbook better than anyone else on the field in order to change players and understand where they are supposed to go or where the second, or third or fourth, option is on the field.

They truly do need to be skilled and smart to play the position and as a result, they are given the most attention and the most money.

Quarterbacks receive a lot of the credit for wins and sometimes they get very little blame when something goes wrong on the field.

It is usually a dropped ball or blown coverage rather than the QB making a mistake which can be frustrating.

As important as they are though a quarterback is still only as good as the players around him including the wide receivers.

Although the best quarterbacks in the league rarely entirely shut down by a lack of great receivers they will never win a championship or get to the heights that they can without someone to throw to that can help carry the offence.

Marvin Harrison was that guy as he was the great receiver for one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the league.

Peyton Manning just retired last year from the league and the countdown to his Hall of Fame class has only just begun.

He retired as simply one of the top quarterbacks to play in the game with two Super Bowls and gaudy stats.

There is little doubt that he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer when he eventually reaches the retired years limit.

In his speech, he will need to ensure that some thanks go to one man in particular, though, Marvin Harrison.

Harrison was the receiver that was there for Peyton when he was just starting his career.

From Peyton’s first season it seemed like he would never make anything of himself after breaking the record for most interceptions in his first year.20150825-5-harrison

Eventually, he began to find a groove with Harrison and when he figured that out he began to take off.

Harrison was the steady pair of hands that a young quarterback needed in order to put up numbers.

Eventually Manning and Harrison became a great pairing and as a result of Harrison quickly became one of the best receivers in the game.

Over his 12-year career, Harrison was simply consistent and although that is not the most exciting title it is extremely important.

Over 12 years it is not an easy thing to continue to perform as one of the best in the league but Harrison did that.

He sits alongside some of the biggest names in the game after putting up 6 touchdowns in 11 straight seasons.

He also holds the single-season receptions record when he caught 143 passes in 2002.

Alongside Manning, he holds multiple records for QB-WR tandems including most touchdown passes and most completed passes.

There is no doubt that Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the game but without Harrison, his career may have worked out very differently.

His connection to Manning might give some people pause in thinking that he is only as good as he is because he played 10 years with Manning as his quarterback.

Any doubters might want to reverse that thinking though as every quarterback might have a different legacy without those receivers that were their favourite targets.

He may have played most of his career with a legend but there is little doubt that he was a massive part of the Colts.

Without the tandem of Manning and Harrison, the reign of the Colts and their Super Bowl may have never happened.

As a result, Harrison joins other great receivers and awaits his partner in Canton as a Hall of Famer.


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