Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 5)

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There comes a time in any league where the old guard begins to fall off and a new generation begins to take over.

In football, it is often far more pronounced as positions go through these cycles rapidly and it can be seen a lot more.

In the CFL it is even more pronounced as there are only nine teams and unlike other leagues were there are just more players in the same position and the transition is hidden as the old players begin to leave and the new begin to take hold.

There is a transition in the CFL going on right now at the quarterback position with the old guard beginning to find their way out and the new regime beginning to take hold.

The transition has already begun in the West where Mike Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell took over and have helped their teams to the top of the league.

Both Mitchell and Reilly are leaders for this new generation of quarterbacks in the CFL and they have already established themselves as two of the best in the league.

The next wave is making its way to the forefront this year as the transition from the older quarterbacks to the younger quarterbacks is making itself known more than ever.

Although the transition in the CFL will always be more pronounced it has never been as wild as it has been this year.

The older quarterbacks in the league are struggling to either stay on the field or play effectively.

In Ottawa, the seemingly ageless Henry Burris was coming off of a MOP season with many wondering just how much longer he could go playing at his level.

Then in Week 1 he went down to injury leaving the REDBLACKS to look to their bench for help.

Luckily for them, they had made a big splash in the off-season signing Trevor Harris to be their heir apparent to the 41-year-old Burris.

After spending most of the last season playing in relief for Ricky Ray he decided to move on to Ottawa where there seemed to be a better succession plan.

In relief of Burris he helped the REDBLACKS to a win in the Grey Cup rematch and with Burris on the 6-game injured list, Harris has been great leading the REDBLACKS to an undefeated record until taking their first loss to Saskatchewan this week.

It is not all bright in Ottawa though as Harris went down in the loss and his injury is unknown.

They are not the only one though as the team that handed them their first loss is going through the same issues.

Darian Durant is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he makes the Riders a better team when he is on the field.

He has struggled to get there though as the last two seasons have seen him hit the injured list for the majority of the season.football-sidebar

The same happened this year but the Riders had just received an insurance plan in a trade.

They traded Shawn Lemon to Toronto for backup QB Mitchell Gale and Gale’s time as a starter has been great.

He has only started one game but it was a win, the first for the Riders, and many wonder if he might be the new leader while they wonder if Durant is worth waiting for.

Even in Toronto debate is beginning about how much longer the Argos can keep putting Ricky Ray out there.

On some games, he looks like the great veteran that the can be but every now and then he looks like age is catching up with him.

That time may come sooner rather than later after leaving the game early in Week 5 with an apparent MCL strain.

The new era of quarterbacks is coming and this year when Zach Collaros returns young QBs might be starting in six of the nine markets.

That new era is coming and it is always inevitable but the teams that hang on to their veteran quarterbacks too long could be left behind and end up like Montreal.

The Alouettes continue to try to find the replacement for Anthony Calvillo and as well as Kevin Glenn has played there will need to be someone that can take over the starting role and join the new era of quarterbacks in the league.

It is an important aspect to watch as there is no more important position than quarterback in football while in the CFL it is the linchpin to every offence.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Changes in Winnipeg
The most important position is known in Winnipeg where they have struggled to find a great starting QB and will try to continue the search with Matt Nichols at the helm as the Blue Bombers will sit Drew Willy next week

Caught Celebrating
The BC Lions are having a great start to the year but they are beginning to see the injury bug creep around their team including Nick Moore who tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the year after celebrating a touchdown

Making Noise Again
Duron Carter is no stranger to controversy and in the midst of an appeal regarding his suspension he made some controversy again shouting out Black Lives Matter after a touchdown leaving it up to the league to leave alone or to punish in a sensitive political statement


Week 5:
Calgary Stampeders 33-18 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Blue Bombers continue to struggle this year as they once again couldn’t get a win in a bad performance that cost Drew Willy his starting job while the Stampeders remained one of the best teams off of a bye in the CFL

Saskatchewan Roughriders 30-29 Ottawa REDBLACKS
– The REDBLACKS came into the game looking like the much better team only losing one game but the Riders were sick of losing and they fought until the end where a field goal gave them their first win of the season

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37-31 Edmonton Eskimos
– It seemed like the game was over quickly as the Eskimos put together a great first half that buried the Ti-Cats but Hamilton wasn’t going to give up and they battled back behind Jeremiah Masoli to take a massive comeback win

Toronto Argonauts 30-17 Montreal Alouettes
– The Alouettes came into Toronto looking to right the ship after injuries and bad play had created some stress in Montreal but they couldn’t put it all together as the Argos won their first game at home this year

Week 6:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Thursday, July 28th; 9:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers are in tough this week as they look to Matt Nichols to lead the way against the Edmonton Eskimos who are certainly not happy about allowing one of the biggest comeback wins in CFL history in Week 5

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal Alouettes (Friday, July 29; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Riders have taken their first win against a great team as they hope to take that momentum into Week 6 where they face a team on the other end of the spectrum in the Montreal Alouettes

BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders (Friday, July 29th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Lions may have injuries but they are still moving forward as the depth of the team will have a true test against the Calgary Stampeders who look to stay under the radar but remain one of the best teams

Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa REDBLACKS (Sunday, July 31st; 7:30 pm ET)
– Both teams have some big questions at quarterback that they need to answer with both Ricky Ray and Trevor Harris going down with injury in Week 5 leaving potential gaps with the REDBLACKS trying to make it 2-for-2 on the season against the Argos

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