MLB Week in Review (July 15-21)

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There are some things in every sport that are uniquely seen in that sport and they are a sense of pride for fans.

One of those things in the MLB is the long practice of managers arguing calls and being thrown out of the game.

There are a lot of reasons for the managers to argue calls as they see a perceived slight against their team whether it was a bad out call or bad strike calls.

It all comes down to one thing though as everytime a manager comes out of the dugout there is always the same basis.

Managers come out of the dugout and argue calls largely to get their team behind them as the leader.

Managers may get angry at bad calls and fly off the handle but when players see that manager go out and fight for them it gives that extra boost of motivation.

It is a good way for managers to get the team on their side and that is especially true when a manager goes out to save their player.

Sometimes players can fly off the handle as well when a call doesn’t go their way or they think that they have been receiving bad calls all game.

When that happens it takes very little, especially in the last few years, for an umpire to throw a player out of the game.

That is where the managers come in as they can diffuse the situation and get the umpire looking at them rather than a player.

When it comes down to it losing a player is much worse than a manager so the managers take the brunt of the umpire abuse and eventually get thrown out.

There is a strategy to the act of managers getting thrown out but for most, it is just whiny people complaining about pointless things.

Often it doesn’t look the greatest either, as managers run out and yell at the umpire while the umpire usually has his own words for the manager.

It has been something that seems to be happening more and more as well with more managers and players getting into arguments with the umpires.

Some would say that the reason for that is that the umpires are getting worse every year.

Others would say that the managers and players are getting more entitled and believe that any mistake is entirely against them rather than just being a missed call.

The MLB is not too happy about the increased amount of arguments at home plate and they are looking to do something about

This week VP of Baseball Operations, Joe Torre, sent out a memo to every club telling them to stop arguing strikes and balls with umpires.

The memo came after the increased amount of arguments at home plate without any evidence that the strikes and balls have been bad calls.

In the memo, Torre stated that the arguments are not becoming of the game and that they are giving the game a bad look.

The memo comes at a time when the complaints aren’t only increasing but getting more outlandish.

Players are beginning to get in the umpires’ face and in some cases throwing equipment at the umpires.

As things get more demonstrative the league looks worse and so they are trying to end it now.

There was nothing in the memo saying that anything was going to happen if the players or the manager continue to argue at this pace.

Then again the memo had a tone that other punishments could be coming including harsher suspensions for the worst offenders.

The league has their eye on this behaviour and they are watching closely as they try to ensure that the image of the league remains intact as long as they can.

Extra Innings
(More on this week in baseball)

Relief Pitcher Limits?
In more MLB of the future news, the league is currently discussing the use of relief pitchers as they are thinking of reducing team’s ability to use relief pitchers claiming that it will help the speed of the game and help bring back action at the end of games

Big Losses
As the second half begins the postseason race is beginning to take shape but for two teams it might have just fallen apart as Prince Fielder and Clayton Kershaw both went down with injuries and could be out for the rest of the season hurting the Rangers and the Dodgers

Hacking and Sports
Last year the Cardinals were caught taking a look into the Houston Astros database in a major hacking scandal and this week the punishment came down as former Cardinals executive Chris Correa was sentenced to 46 months in jail for running the hack


Key Series:
Houston Astros 2-1 Seattle Mariners
– Both teams have had their ups and downs this year but they are looking to compete at the top of the west as they play catch up with the Rangers and the Astros took advantage taking two games in the series

Chicago Cubs 2-1 Texas Rangers
– the Cubs started the second half just as well as they ended the first half taking two games from the west leading Rangers and getting closer to taking off from the rest of the pack as the best team in baseball

Cleveland Indians 2-1 Kansas City Royals
– The Indians had a great end to the first half of the season as one of the hottest teams in the league which put them at the top of the central division and they are hoping to do the same after starting the second half with two wins against the defending champions

Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1 Washington Nationals
– The Dodgers are in tough after Clayton Kershaw entered the DL with a potentially season-ending injury but they are still fighting the for a postseason spot and did well to take two games from the east leading Nats

Upcoming Series:
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates [July 22-24]
– The Battle of Pennsylvania is back with the Pirates as the far better teams and the Phillies looking to upset their in-state rivals as they only hope to spoil the charge in the central division for the Pirates

Cleveland Indians vs. Baltimore Orioles [July 22-24]
– The Indians were great at the end of the second half and they moved to the top of the central division as a result and they look to continue that strong performance against the Orioles who are trying to get back to the top of the east

Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox [July 25-28]
– The Crosstown Classic returns again and it is slightly more interesting as the tables have turned with the Cubs as the better team and they hope to prove it in this four-game series split between north and south-side Chicago

St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets [July 25-27]
– The Cardinals and the Mets are both fighting to stay in the battle for their respective divisions and for playoff positioning and they will face-off both trying to keep pace and take at least two in this three-game series

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