UFC on FOX 20 Preview

ufc-fox20The UFC is going through an interesting period right now as the promotion went from massive heights to a bit of a lull.

Those massive heights came when the UFC had some of the biggest stars they have ever seen winning fights and taking the promotion even more into the mainstream of sports.

Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey were unlike anything the UFC had seen before as they were the two fighters that could seamlessly transition to other worlds while being fighters.

Then came the losses for both fighters and they were only paired with losses of the next generation of superstars in Sage Northcutt and Paige VanZant.

As a result, the promotion is not at the heights it once was in the mainstream, although the competition is better than it has ever been.

The entire downturn, or upturn based on how you look at it, can be traced to one woman who shocked the world of MMA.

Holly Holm was always considered one of the greatest in the world with years of boxing experience and kickboxing experience before even entering the world of MMA.

Still, all of that experience didn’t seem to matter to most when she was scheduled to fight Rousey for the bantamweight championship.

Rousey had rolled through everyone in her short MMA career no matter how experienced her opponents were.

She had even finished her first eight fights with the same submission every single fight making the armbar her signature move.

Holm walked into the octagon with the chance of a lifetime and she shocked the world when she not only beat Rousey but knocked her out becoming the first person to beat the champion.

Since then Rousey has been relatively quiet, largely due to movie commitments and surgery not because she doesn’t want to fight again, as the bantamweight division moved on.

Holm was expected to take that win and be a very tough out for anyone against her but in her first title defence, she took a loss to Miesha Tate when she was choked unconscious.

After Rousey, the bantamweight division has been a revolving door as Tate just lost the title in her first defence leaving the door open for any number of contenders.mma-sidebar.fw

Rousey is likely to return before the end of the year and might receive an immediate title shot while Tate wants her rematch and Holm wants another crack.

To get that crack at the title for the second time, Holm will need to get back to winning fights and her first chance to do just that will be on network TV in the main event at UFC on FOX 20.

She will take on a very tough test in Valentina Shevchenko who has put together an impressive resume through multiple MMA promotions.

Her last fight was a loss but was a loss to the current champion and could have easily been a win had she been able to withstand a barrage from Amanda Nunes.

The former Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer was almost unstoppable before she began her MMA career earning a combined record of 55-1.

With Holm putting together her own impressive boxing and kickboxing career, where she won multiple championships, the fight could be an interesting one.

There is not likely to be much ground game in this fight as both fighters have confidence in their stand-up game.

For Holm, it will be about keeping the distance and using her great boxing technique to stick and move.

She will also have that ability to launch a big kick that can end anyone’s night if landed properly, just ask Rousey.

It could be tough though as Shevchenko herself has kickboxing experience and knows how to use her range and kicks really well.

She might feel more comfortable on the inside though as she is a very good Muay Thai fighter and getting that Thai Clinch while using her knees might make the difference.

Both are formidable stand-up fighters but slightly different and they will try to impose their will in this fight.

It will be a great battle and the winner may very well be the next to get a shot at continuing the constant change at the top of the bantamweight division.


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