Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 3)

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The CFL is three weeks into the season and in the three weeks to start the year the league has seen plenty of strange things.

Whether it be the QB controversy after only the first week or the Duron Carter issue last week.

There has been plenty of issues over the three weeks and many of them things that nobody had seen before.

Week 3 didn’t disappoint as once again a strange aspect of the game came to light to keep the unique season going.

This week there was a catch that nobody had ever seen at any level when Ryan Smith caught a Drew Willy pass without looking and scored a touchdown.

It started off the week in a strange way but it was certainly not the end of the unique part of the week.

That came when the Ottawa REDBLACKS and Calgary Stampeders fought a tough game that finished with no winner and no loser.

The two teams played to a tie as neither could take the lead permanently in overtime leading to the first tie since 2009.

The entire game was one of missed opportunities between the two teams as either one could have ended it before overtime.

Even in overtime, both teams could have taken the win but they fell short at every chance.

The end result of the missed opportunities from both teams is one of the most unsatisfying things in sports.

The biggest foundation of sports is competition and competition are driven by people wanting to win.

Winning is the motivation behind every professional player in any league as that is why they play the game.

That is why people watch the game and why fans cheer as they all want to see their team win games and prove that they are better.

A tie does none of this as the two teams enter a new week not really knowing if they are better than the other team.

They will look to their next matchup to determine the better team but for now, they have gained little.

Of course, the tie was always a possibility as the CFL rules lend themselves to a much more likelihood of a tie.

In overtime, the CFL holds two mini games before the game is finally called.football-sidebar

That means that each team gets a chance to score so if the first team gets a touchdown the next team gets a chance to match the touchdown.

The league made some changes to the rules in order to lessen the effect of the mini-games they required every team that scored a touchdown to go for a two-point conversion.

Still, each team gets a shot and that lends itself to a tie. It is actually more surprising that there haven’t been more ties in the league.

The tie has caused some to begin talking about a change in the rules as some would prefer that the rules look more like the NFL.

In the NFL the rules are slightly different as only field goals allow the other team to try to win the game.

If any team scores a touchdown the game is over and the other team doesn’t get a chance.

It is a way that can make it a little less likely for a tie and the unsatisfying result of neither team taking the win they worked for.

The CFL may not change the rule and it is certainly not changing this year meaning the REDBLACKS and Stampeders now split the two points.

That could be a big single point when the playoff race begins and both teams will be kicking themselves for not finishing off the game.

Getting that one extra point could be the difference between making the playoffs or just missing out.

Only time will tell if the tie will have that big of an impact but for the third week in a row, the CFL saw something that doesn’t come around often.

It’s only three weeks into the season and already fans have seen more than usual as the season is turning out to be one of the most unique seasons as most are just wondering what is in store for the rest of the year.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

More Issues for Carter
Duron Carter was suspended for a game after his incident against Ottawa and as he awaits his appeal he will be dealing with something else as he undergoes concussion protocol for the hit he took on that now-infamous touchdown

Another Receiver Down
The Montreal Alouettes are struggling in the receiving corps with S.J. Green gone for the year, Carter waiting to hear on his suspension, and now Kenny Stafford will spend time on the 6-game injured list taking out all of their best receivers

Collaros Getting Close
It has been largely talked about that the Ti-Cats just need to hold on until Zach Collaros can return and that time is coming close as Collaros returned to practice for the first time since he injured his knee at the end of last year


Week 1:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 28-24 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
–  The Bombers were struggling to start the year but they finally figured things out as they got ahead early against the Ti-Cats and held on to get their first win of the season while handing Hamilton their second straight loss

Toronto Argonauts 25-14 BC Lions
–  The Argos finished their western road trip successfully taking their second game in a row in an impressive win against the Lions who lost their first game of the season thanks to a great defensive effort from Toronto

Calgary Stampeders 26-26 Ottawa REDBLACKS
– The Harris-Williams connection was on fire for another week but it wasn’t enough to get the REDBLACKs a win while the Stamps missed out on multiple opportunities to put the game away with neither team getting the win

Edmonton Eskimos 39-36 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Eskimos were highly motivated in this game as they were hoping to give a rough welcome to their former coach as Chris Jones returned to Edmonton for the first time since leaving in the off-season and not able to get a win in his return

Week 2:
Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Toronto Argonauts (Wednesday, July 13th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The other Battle of Ontario is back for another year as the Argos host their second game at BMO Field hoping to come out with a much better result than their home opener while REDBLACKS quarterback Trevor Harris looks to make his former team pay

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Thursday, July 14th; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Eskimos haven’t been nearly as dominant as they were a year ago when they won the Grey Cup but they will try to get back to their dominant ways against the Bombers who are trying to keep their momentum from their first win

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes (Friday, July 15th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The Ti-Cats looked like they could go on a solid run without Collaros at the helm but they have struggled in the last two weeks with Jeremiah Masoli having a rough few weeks and the Alouettes will try to take advantage even without some of their top receivers

BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saturday, July 16th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Lions defence was still great a week ago but their offence sputtered as they look to get it back on track against the Roughriders who are still trying to figure out an identity underneath new head coach Chris Jones

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